Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Open House Tour Part 2 – Festive.

Welcome to the second and final part of the Presbytère house tour.

In the library the tree is finally decorated and the dining room table is looking festive.

I began with a pair of table runners overlaid with silver and gold chargers.
The china is Rosenthal "Classic Rose".

The red napkins were a TJ Maxx purchase the last time we visited Hilton Head, SC. and the white napkins are from the Spode Christmas Tree range, as are the coasters beneath the stemware.

The stemware is vintage Baccarat, bought at auction in Bayeux several years ago. I think the pattern is Harcourt.

The green English pressed glass dishes are vintage too, I’ll serve one of our favourite appetizers in these; avocado prawn cocktails with Marie Rose sauce, very 1970’s!

I kept the centrepiece simple, a large white candle inside a plain glass hurricane surrounded by a faux wreath embellished with faux white poinsettias and gold accents.

I love Christmas Carols, singing along to them when playing CD's at home or, even better, going to a Carol concert and lending my voice (not good!) to all the others, an opportunity that I rarely have living as we do in deepest rural Normandy.

When our house & pet sitter called to let me know that she was available for a few days due to a cancellation, the Senior Partner and I quickly agreed that a long weekend back in the U.K. was just the pick me up we both needed.
Herefordshire is a favourite place of ours to visit and so we decided to head back there and experience it during the festive season.
I saw on line that the Goodrich Village Choir the “Roaring Megs” would be appearing at the Hostellerie in Goodrich on Friday evening. There was mention of open braziers, hot chestnuts, mulled wine, sausage rolls and mince pies whilst the lovely choir entertain us and bring the whole spirit of Christmas to our doorstep.
I booked a room and dinner for two, tout suite.
Then I read in the December issue of "Herefordshire Life" magazine that an Advent market and Carols for Shoppers would be taking place Saturday morning in the grounds of Hereford Cathedral, and that the Ledbury Community Choir would be performing at a Carol Concert in Ledbury on Saturday evening.
After a few minutes spent on google I'd found a lovely apartment for two in the centre of Ledbury, a beautiful little town steeped in history, and booked it for Saturday and Sunday.
So, there will be carols, shopping, good food and wine, carols, a seasonal client meeting for the Senior Partner, did I mention carols, and a rare opportunity for retail therapy with a friend for me.
As we’ll be on the overnight ferry back to Normandy late Monday, a cosy cabin to ensure a good night’s sleep in case of a choppy Channel crossing has also been reserved!

Isn't that enough to make anyone feel Festive?
Joining Jenny @ off on my tangent
I'm sure there will be lots of festivity happening this week in blogland
 as we celebrate the letter "F"!
Jenny Matlock


  1. Maggie,
    Sounds like a wonderful getaway! I will be putting Keep Calm and Carol on my sidebar if you do not mind. I am going to print one out and frame it for the guest bathroom as well. Neat idea.

    I hope do get back into a little more blogging this week. I have fallen behind on everything.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. I'm amazed at all you can accomplish online. Your getaway sounds just perfect and will, doubtless, have your returning home filled with the bonhommie of the season!

  3. Enjoy your festive escape, you will come home to a beautifully decorated home ready to enjoy the festivities.

  4. Have a wonderfully festive time! Your decorations are beautiful, so welcoming.

  5. Your house is beautiful and I love your set table for Christmas. Just wonderful. Lucky you going to England for a couple of days. Have a nice week Maggie

  6. Hi Maggie, What a fabulous "Christmas Open House". Your home looks so lovely decorated for Christmas. The tree in the library is lovely and your dining room looks so elegant! How wonderful you and the mister could pull your trip together at the last minute for the perfect weekend getaway. Timing is just right for you with the choir performing. Enjoy and safe travels.

    The French Hutch

  7. Absolutely! I'm feeling very festive indeed, as well as perhaps just the slightest shade of green with envy at the lovely festivities you are booked to enjoy! Enjoy them to the fullest!

  8. Maggie, your table is set so beautifully! I have some of those green pressed glass dishes too, and I just love using them at Christmas! I also love listening to Christmas carols, and I see you have your Byers Carolers set out. Your trip sounds like it will be so much fun! Have a wonderful time!!
    Thank you so much for the compliments on my tree. I wish I had a tripod so I could take a proper low light photo. Alas, I do not, so I just perch the camera on a chair to try to hold it steady enough for the sparkly night pictures.

  9. I am so jealous of your little getaway! We are hosting the entire family which will be fun but exhausting...

  10. Oh this was lovely. Yes, bring on the getaways too! Also, besides your post being spot on...your header photo is dreamy too! Thanks!

  11. Horrid totally Horrid how come I LIVE in SHropshire and I know nothing of these fantastically Festive festivities I am furious as I have booked a festive soiree here on Saturday night I am furious. ( ok enough F's)
    The blogg is fabulous please forgive my rant

  12. Very festive! A great 'F' post!

  13. Herefordshire is a great fav with me too. I was there last Thursday walking on the very windy Malvern Hills. The Malvern Hills hotel is good place to eat if you are ever near. Try Tinsmiths in Ledbury for some unusual gifts and if like me you love fabric they have a a wonderful selection. They are up an alleyway off the main high street. The Feathers hotel is another good eating place. I often meet my friend there for lunch.
    Enjoy your mini break away.

  14. What a lovely table! I love the shade of green you selected!

    I hope you ferry ride is pleasant and cozy!

  15. Festive? I'd say envious. You've got everything planned and I'd love to go along. I promise I won't be any trouble. Oh dear...I'm afraid I'll never get there in time, so carry on without me.

    Your home looks beautiful! How can you leave? I could always house and pet sit with lots of advance notice.

  16. Everything certainly does look festive.

  17. Fun! Fine! Fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Your decorations are just so beautiful and your trip will be wonderful. Dare I say I am a bit envious? Have a wonderful, joyous holiday season.

  19. I'd say you did a FANTASTIC job of making us feel festive!!

  20. All your lovely decorations and a getaway to home and carols. Sounds lovely! Merry Christmas. Nancy

  21. I love Christmas music as well and love listening to Christmas choirs and singing along. I hope your getaway in jolly old England is filled with lovely experiences that really put you in the Christmas Spirit. When you arrive home a wonderfully decorated home will be waiting.

  22. Your home is beautifully dressed for Christmas. I hope you had a nice trip to the UK with lots of Christmas cheer.

  23. Hi Maggie,

    I've really enjoyed your Christmas Open House (Parts 1 and 2). :) Your Christmas plans in Herefordshire sound just perfect; I've always thought I'd like to spend a Christmas in England sometime, but I can't bear to be away from home at Christmas.

    Your Byers Choice carollers are wonderful. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law both collect those, and I'd love to have some.

    Thanks for visiting from Seasonal Sundays a week ago. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour of Replacements, Ltd., and I hope you have a Blessed Christmas.


  24. What a fabulous link to some holiday festivities!

    It sounds like a wonderful respite from the busyness of the season.

    Your decorations are lovely.

    Sending you warm wishes for a lovely holiday season!


  25. Arlette Griner, USA30 December 2011 at 19:56

    Hi Maggie, What a treat to view such splendid Noel decor in your lovely home! You sure are gifted for placing each piece in the perfect place. Thank You for sharing all this beauty with us! Bonne Annee to you both. Arlette


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