Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday Doorways

Joining Louis la Vache in beautiful San Francisco
with this shot taken by the SP yesterday
 as we wandered around the cobbled streets of Positano, Italy.

Palazzo Murat, Positano.

This is NOT our hotel!


  1. HI Maggie. I am definitely far behind visiting as I see you are in Italy now.Sorry about that but I still am not well enough to sit and blog long time.
    What a beautiful door you show here.
    Have a wonderful time in Italy.
    Hugs from Riet

  2. Saw there was rain on Saturday. Hope the weather holds out for you. By chance did you visit the hotel's garden? Happy travels!

  3. What a wonderful and very inviting doorway! Have a great and sunny week!

  4. Bonjour dear friend - I stopped by to catch up at long last and find you are gallivanting in beautiful Italy! Good for you - have a fabulous time enjoying that beautiful spot.............and hope you share more lovely pics with us when time permits.

    I'm home for a while and busy Spring cleaning, gardening etc. Much to do but lovely to be back.
    Hugs - Mary

  5. How beautiful - - - makes me want to go right in!

    But, even if it isn't YOURS, is it A hotel?

  6. I love doors and keep meaning to check this meme out. I am amazed that you are still blogging while on holiday, something I would never consider and I doubt my husband would allow me anyway!
    I hope our cold Italian weather warms up for you this week.

  7. Maggie, enjoy every minute of this beautiful place. The doorway is spectacular. I'm sure there are many such fabulous sights. Have a grand time. ~ sarah

  8. Wow, that "IS a BEAUTY"! Love the iron work too...
    Have a wonderful get away "and" lots of FUN "and" take LOTS OF PICTURES!!!
    Big Hugs,

  9. What a beautiful archway. Love it!

  10. Maggie, I've been too busy to read any blogs this past week. Hope you are having a wonderful vacation in Italy and look forward to seeing more fotos. It is good to be home in cold Holland where I just brought down my winter clothes from the attic. :) Jenny

  11. The scene invites one in - just to take a little look - or maybe to sit for a spell and sip a Lemoncello...


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