Wednesday, 18 April 2012

La Tagliata, Montepertuso.

Positano rising up the mountain side seen from Spiaggia Grande
Well, the rain that has been falling almost non stop since we picked up our hire car on Saturday has finally stopped, for now!
I have lots of pix to share but first the bad news........................
On Saturday afternoon as we approached the final leg of our journey from Naples to Montepertuso we found ourselves in the middle of an autobus sandwich!
On a very narrow road which consisted of one hairpin bend after another.
I guess it was inevitable..........................
whilst reversing back down the mountain the SP backed into the rail guard and bashed the car.
The carbinieri arrived, the driver of the local football team bus (the one that made us back down) was given a ticket (YAY!) and after about 20 minutes we completed the last 100 yards of the journey.
Now the good news.
The family who own and operate La Tagliata welcomed us with open arms, insisting that we eat a little something to recover from the journey.

Some of the antipasti from Saturday's lunch
Antonietta and Peppe brought eight plates of antipasti to our table, also red wine and still water, then refused to let us pay for the meal!
We were so stuffed replete that we didn't eat dinner that evening!

 Our home away from home

The view from our terrace

Breakfast Italian style.
Eggs, grapefruit juice, fresh fruit, toast & conserves,

Limone and Limone Grande grow abundantly in the terraced gardens.

You may just be able to see a small island in the background?
This is one of the legendary sirens from Greek mythology.
I see it every morning as I sit in bed & drink my tea!
So, now you know where we're living for the next couple of weeks, I'll be back again in a few days with more photos of the area, around and about.
Ciao, ciao!!


  1. Oh my, Maggie, such delights. The food, the view, the welcome. Even the vehicle incident will be tucked away into your memory. I'm so glad it wasn't serious and no one was hurt.
    Looking forward to seeing more wonderful photos. Have a really relaxing time.

  2. Maggie, I'm glad it was just the guard rail and not being crushed within that sandwich. Your "home away from home" looks to be fantastic. Great choice! Love the new profile photo! Another good choice. You look terrific, Maggie! Look forward to more photos.
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  3. Ciao Maggie, it was great to hear from you the other day, with news of the trip so far. I am so sorry about the dreadful weather you have been experiencing. I saw the Positano daily photo earlier with the river! It sounds as if you are staying in a beautiful place, hope the sun shines on you soon.

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  5. Oh my goodness Maggie, that must have been a shock. Thank goodness nothing really bad happened. So you are going to stay i Italy for the next weeks. Lucky you.
    Have a wonderful time W
    Hugs from Riet

  6. Maggie and Roger - I am so happy you are enjoying the wonderful Italian seaside. Your photos are beautiful, and that is the most stupendous view I've ever seen from a hotel balcony! Can't wait to hear more stories and see more photos!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about the accident but glad you weren't injured. The welcome and wonderful view will make for a wonderful holiday. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and reading about your experiences.

  8. Oh my gosh, this is all so amazing and wonderful. (Minus the smashing the car part. ) I can't believe how big those lemons are! Wonderful meals! I'm going to have to show these pics to DH. He wants to go there!

  9. Positano! I'm wild with envy! I shall just look a those pics and pretend they are mine. ~ Maureen

  10. Well, since no one was hurt, and you got an amazing meal free of charge....not a bad day! :D

    I want to see more photos of your home away from home! And what's with those mutant lemons?


  11. Such lovely photos. Mmmm i am a little hungry after thr foodie ones. Sorry to hear about your road setback.

  12. So beautiful, a place on my list if I can return to Italy - have only done Rome and Tuscany, which of course were fabulous too!

    Sorry about the accident, thankfully no injuries. Such a great welcome - what food - just hope weather improves soon.
    Love, Mary

  13. Oh oh oh/ I've been there!!! You are bringing back such wonderful memories for me!! I'm so sorry about the car accident/ thankfully you are unharmed- God is good.

    Your photos are stunning- the views are spectacular-- I can hardly wait to read more!!



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