Thursday, 19 April 2012

Positano latest.

Brightly coloured homes cling to the mountainside in Positano.
Unfortunately, the rain didn't stay away for very long from the Amalfi coast.
It's been another 48 hours of almost non stop rain with the occasional thunderstorm thrown in for good measure.

When the sun does manage to shine through, as it is at the moment, we grab our things and head out to explore the region.

We try and catch one of these, to take us down to Positano.

On Tuesday evening after strolling down the cobble stoned lanes, enjoying a little retail therapy and a spur of the moment decision to get a new haircut (hence the updated profile photo!)

we stopped for an alfresco dinner at Chez Black.

Due to the terrible weather not all of the restaurants were serving dinner al fresco that evening!

The bus timetable however is in a state of flux between seasons, a couple of times we've waited in vain and so we had to take a more expensive mode of transport back up the mountain.
The taxi driver charged 30 euro, the bus costs 2.40 euro for a return ticket!



  1. Well what you are getting done in between showers looks fantastic

  2. It looks like you're having a great time, anyway. Love your new header! :) Jenny

  3. Well, at least you got a smoking hot new look while it was raining. Your hair looks so pretty! I know it is disappointing when the weather does not cooperate while on vacation. Where did you take the photos of the lilacs? They are stunning.


  4. Are you staing in Nocelle? Bthats where we stayed and loved it. Cooking classes are available at a restaurant call il ritrivo. If it keeps raining, you might enjoy a local activity.

  5. Rain all over, how terrible while on holidays. Your new profile photo is lovely, you look terific. Your header in purple is also gorgeous.
    HOpefully the weather gets better soon for you , it doesn't look that way in our country.

  6. I have a jigsaw puzzle with all those little beach hut changing houses on it, but have never seen any in person!

    I NOTICED the new profile picture before you even 'splained about it - - - I thought, "My, what a GREAT photo!"

  7. Yes, I'd noticed your new pic too - Love your new 'do' very flattering, looks like you found a great stylist - but then everything in Italy is beautiful!!

    Sorry the weather still refuses to cooperate - cowing you two you'll find things to keep you busy until the sun shines.

    Mary X

  8. My daughter stayed a month in Trentinara at the home of her employer, when she lived in Switzerland. Where ever she lives, now, she always plants jasmine outside her bedroom window to remind her of Italy.
    I hope you have better weather soon to enhance your trip.

  9. Love your new look!
    Too bad about the weather - not what one thinks of when one dreams of Positano, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

  10. Lovely area you are in. let's hope weather will be kinder soon.

  11. You were ripped off by the taxi driver by the sounds of it Maggie, love the new look!

  12. Your new do is lovely! And that looks like a wonderful spot for dinner. I just love seeing all these pictures!

  13. I love your new hairdo! You can later brag that you had it cut by your "guy in Italy!}. Hope the rain clears up soon, we have it here, too. Very nice pictures!


  14. Your new look is lovely!
    Hope the rain clears but even in the rain Positano looks colorful and so wonderful!

  15. I love the haircut, Maggie! Nice photo. I should do something about mine too, as my hair is so much shorter now. Oh well...
    Sorry about the rain, but it doesn't seem to have stopped you at all. Enjoyed the post.

  16. Missed this one earlier. Positano is definitely moving up on our list. ;-)

  17. Positano is such a quaint and lovely little town- such beautiful colors- so picturesque!! I had to laugh at the "take the bus up the mountain" story-- so typical!

    Love the Lemoncello!!



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