Saturday, 26 May 2012

Italian Flowers and Gardens

In the last of my themed posts of our trip to Italy last month a collection of photographs from the Villa Cimbrone and the Villa Rufolo in Ravello, a collage of flowers seen in Positano and the gardens next to the ruins of Pompeii.
The Villa Cimbrone is surrounded by beautiful gardens.
Turn a corner and you'll discover wonderful vistas and beautiful statues.

Left:Flora - Goddess of Flowers
Centre: David with the head of Goliath at his feet
Right: Leda with swan

The Tea Room,  

Sun dial

Lost to a world in which I crave no part
I sit alone and commune with my heart
Pleased with my little corner of the earth
Glad that I came not sorry to depart.
Palm trees grow close to the Pozzo, (well) Villa Rufolo

The 19thc Giardino, Villa Rufolo.
Gardens at Pompeii
Everywhere you look in Positano you find beautiful flowers,
 growing in tubs, baskets and flower boxes.
Arriverderci from the beautiful Amalfi coast of Italy.


  1. Thanks for the lovely photos, Maggie. I enjoyed the tour! The gardens are spectacular.

  2. What a wonderful world ... around every corner another postcard view! I didn't realise Maggie that there were beautiful gardens at Pompeii... I guess it helps to soften the effect of the devastating volcano eruption.

  3. Maggie, I've loved going along with you on this Amalfi Coast trip and don't want the photos to end. These are gorgeous mosaics. Thanks for taking the time to pull all this together to share with us.
    Beautiful gardens feed my soul! ~ Sarah

  4. What a beautiful trip that must have been Maggie. Such beautiful treasures and photo's I love them all. Have a good weekend

  5. Love the verse and your photos are beautiful. Glad you got to go.

  6. Oh Maggie- it was just SO wonderful wasn't it?!! Are you reliving it over and over again as you look at your photos? There are no words to describe all that you saw. Pompeii was amazing. Your photos are all so beautiful/-


  7. Maggie, I am so happy you posted this, I've never been to Italy, looks just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Really neat pics Maggie! Sounds like you had a great trip:@)

  9. Looks like you had an amazing trip! These pictures are beautiful!

  10. Thank you Maggie for giving us your delightful " Italian Journey".

    Those centuries old established gardens are an amzing feast for the eyes. They create theatre with their wonderful architectural pieces and statuary.

    I'm flying out to France on Friday to spend 6 weeks with my daughter and granddaughters in Burgundy!

    I'm hoping to visit some gardens while in France. I may even get to Giverny this time - fingers crossed.

    You've whetted my appetite quite nicely thank you!

    Shane in New Zealand

  11. Absolutely lovely, Maggie. I envy you! Thanks so much for sharing all your photos and travels..I felt as though I was right there with you!

  12. Beautiful gardens, what gorgeous captures! Such a fabulous trip :)

  13. They are amazing, Maggie, every single one! That tea room is to die for. I can tell you're having a great time, just by your smile!

  14. I'm enjoying seeing the places I haven't travelled to in Italy. your collages and photos are wonderful Maggie!

  15. I so enjoyed all your lovely photos from your wonderful trip to Italy. Through all your brought back memories of our trips. Welcome home!


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