Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Italian odds and ends!

More photo's from our recent trip to Italy's Amalfi coast, 
this post is devoted to some of the quirkier things that we saw as we explored the region.
These two ceramic figures hang on the wall of the terrace restaurant La Tagliata.
Although they look like Laurel & Hardy they are in fact meant to be
the owner and his brother.

By the side of the road just outside the small seaside town of Praiano
we saw this miniature village.
During the Christmas period the scene is decorated and the houses are lit up from the inside.

Cars are parked along both sides of the twisty road that hugs the mountainside.
This is not a one way street!
La Tagliata's little orange fiat cinquecento regularly brings customers up the mountainside
from Positano down below.

Beautiful mosaic sign at the entrance to the city of music, Ravello.
The next four photographs were taken as we wandered around the gardens at La Tagliata, Montepertuso.

Look closely and you'll see a peacock perched on a branch inside this cage.

Amazing ice cream flavours in Sorrento.

Newly weds on Spiaggia Grande, Positano.
We spotted this huge anchor by the quayside in Positano,
no boat just the anchor!
Coming shortly, as a tribute to the 2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show which is taking place this week, "Italian flowers and gardens" 


  1. Great shots and perfectly titled; some of them are very odd and driving that narrow mountain road would likely be the end of us.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  2. More, more, Maggie! Love seeing Italy through the lens of your camera. Thanks for sharing these odds and ends ~ such fun! ~ Sarah

  3. Maggie, these are wonderful. YOu really saw Italy with eyes wide open. I'd go back for the icecream! How wonderful it must have been. xo Jenny

  4. Great photo's Maggie. What a beautiful country Italy is. You have seen a lot of special things when you were there Lovely to see all of it.

  5. You had a wonderful trip. I have enjoyed your pictures knowing that it is not trip that I will make, so thank you.

  6. A wonderful set of quirky pics Maggie ... I love that little orange Fiat ... Just the right size for meandering those oh! so windy narrow hillside roads.

  7. Fun photos - bits and pieces of a wonderful vacation. They make me really want to visit Italy.

  8. Hi Maggie!
    Just caught up a bit here. Very interesting shots, that mini village, how unique!
    Looks like a nice visit with blog friends too!
    My neighbors go to Italy almost every year, but this year they stayed 2 weeks in an apt across from Notre Dame, and then on to Belgium. He is a retired doc, just turned 80 and is amazingly youthful! We have never been to Europe, nor never will be, so I enjoy hearing their adventures, esp their culinary delights!

  9. Maggie,

    Love traveling with my blogging friends. Jack will not cross the pond so I have my memories of my trips and the adventures of my friends.

    Great photos!


  10. Those roads are scary, and the Italians are a bit crazy driving along them! Yes, a teeny tiny car must be the best kind!

    Love Italy and long to return - will be seeing a smidgen of her beauty come Autumn!!!!

    Hugs dear, Mary

  11. Such fun photos--- the ice cream made me gasp! I still remember how good it was!!

  12. I'm planning on doing something like that with my Europe pix, too -- they don't always fit in a post but they are so unique! I think we "see" much the same way! This is a fave post!


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