Friday, 8 June 2012

Elvis's Pink Cadillac @ Graceland

Whilst going through my photograph memories of trips I've taken with my dear friend Diane,
 in preparation of a mini album that I'm creating for her (don't tell, it's a surprise),
I came across some from our visit to Graceland, Tennessee in September 2005.
I just knew it would be perfect for Beverly's Pink Saturday gathering @ How Sweet The Sound. 
Remember, for some us, Elvis is still in the building!
Click here to see the scrapbook page that I created from our souvenir photograph 
taken during that special trip.


  1. That is one ultra cool car! Must have been an awesome trip!

  2. What fun - I won an Elvis LP at the first dance I ever went to. Hope Diane enjoys her album!

  3. Wow! what a beautiful car Maggie ... How great you were able to visit Gracelands.

  4. I had the pleasure of visiting there and seeing all his loot.

  5. Hi Maggie, I've never been to Graceland but it is on my list for when hubby and I go cross country after he retires. (This is our dream and won't be happening for several years!) I remember those scrapbook pages from before your Italy trip because I thought the "5 things needed for Italy" page was so clever! Happy Pink Saturday! Linda

  6. Gorgeous!

    My PINK, have a nice weekend.

  7. It clearly has't 'left the building'.

  8. «Louis», while he is principally interested in Packards and Studebakers of the 1950's, likes almost any '50s car. This '56 Cadillac was air conditioned - you can tell by the scoop on the top of the rear fender, just behind the "c" pillar of the roof. Cadillac fitted the air conditioning unit in the trunk. Clear plastic tubes came from the package shelf bringing the chilled air to the car's interior. Packard was the first of offer air conditioning as an option: 1941. The 1955 and 1956 Packards fitted with air conditioning had the vents for the chilled air in the dashboard - another Packard industry first.

  9. How cool is this! Love it, Maggie! Perfect pink!

  10. Adorable, Maggie, it made my smile.
    I used to do a lot of scrapbooking, but don't do it any more. I gave them as gifts too. (We didn't call it scrapbooking back when I did it! :) I don't think we had a name for it.)

  11. I've never been there, but my sister (who's been a lifelong Elvis fan) finally went last year. It was a dream come true trip for her! Love the pink caddie!

  12. What a fun car.They where the tops at one time .
    Hope you have a fun PS

  13. Greetings folks from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa. Richard

  14. Maggie,

    Wonderful picture and the name of one of my all time favorite songs!

    Your scrapbook pages are beautiful.


  15. My funny memory of that car was in about 1957---about the time we went to see Elvis outdoors, on a big platform (and found our pictures later in a book, just by happenstance, right there in the front row, smaller than postage stamps).

    A friend had been begging her Mom to "run by" Graceland on one of their many shopping trips to Mamphis, and was thrilled to see that splendid car in the drive when they pulled into the gates (you COULD drive up and through the drive back then).

    The funny part was when HER Mama told MY Mama about it---"Well, I was expecting MORE of a Cadillac---it wasn't even a PRETTY pink---just an old PANTY pink!"


  16. What a wonderful idea for Diane. You know she will cherish this gift. I haven't talked to her recently. I need to give her a call tomorrow.
    Don't worry ~ your secret is safe with me!
    ~ Sarah


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