Sunday, 3 June 2012

This new hobby is seriously affecting my blog!

Lunch at Villa Maria, Ravello.
RRR Team Challenge
You may have noticed that I haven't been blogging as often as I used to?

UKS May House challenge
Well, the reason why is, that I have fallen back in love with scrap booking and am devoting all my free time, when not out in the garden, to playing with paper and glue!

Week 1 challenge
Here are some of my most recent lay outs that I created for the May monthly and weekly challenges over at UK Scrappers.

Week 2 challenge
I recently volunteered to take over the running of my team, The Rockin' Ribbon Raiders, when the previous team leader had to step down.

Week 3 challenge
It's been a steep learning curve but I've had plenty of support and encouragement from other team leaders and members of the scrapping community at UKS.

Week 4 challenge.
My latest obsession is making tags and here are some that I did for the May Trendy Tag Swap.
 You may have spotted that tags have started to appear in my lay outs too?
 I tell you, I am addicted to them!

Hope you've enjoying peeking into my craft room today.
What new hobbies have you taken up this year?
Perhaps, like me, you've rediscovered an old favourite?
I'd love to hear how you spend your leisure time?


  1. Hi Maggie, yes I missed you but now I know why you was away. Your are scrapping. You know many years we did that too, putting our holiday stuff in books but these days this is more beautiful and wider assorted.Yours are really lovely.And you are making tags. I would love to learn that, can you tell me what paper and things I need. I have been looking round the internet but I see that there even are groups for tags these days. Haven't found them yet.
    How is the weather there? The weather here wasn't so bad lately but today it is pouring.
    Have a nice day.
    Hugs from Riet

  2. Liesure time? My husband's grandmother used to laugh, "Who has any spare time?" During the school year I have little, but during these sumer months I divide my time between various sweet indulgences. One is scrapbooking. I just ordered 250 photos to make an album for my little granddaughter's birthday in August. Her first 4 years. Then I am rekindling my love of sewing. And gardening. And blogging. And crocheting. Keep sharing your pages. I love your style. Do you own a criciut? Another very guilty pleasure. Happy Scrapping.

  3. Gorgeous layouts, you have been busy.
    C xx

  4. Maggie, it's fun to see what you've been up to upstairs in that charming studio. I haven't pulled out the scrapbook supplies in several years, so perhaps you will spur me on in that direction. All our hobbies take so much time! It's a good thing though! Enjoy your day!
    Hugs to all ~ Sarah

  5. These are fabulous!I love them all-and the tags!

  6. I couldn't resist becoming one of your followers or commenting on your blog because I also live in Normandy - the UK one, which is just outside of Guildford.

    Leisure time? Is there such a thing these days? But I spend my leisure time gardening - I love my garden and weather permitting spend as much time in it as possible. although it does compete with my craft business and often hard to choose a winner.

    Hope you have a good week.

  7. Your scrapbook pages are beautiful. I have done that in several years but I did enjoy scrapbooking very much.

    Enjoy every minute of being the Happy Scrapper!!!

  8. Your creations are feeding your soul and of course it's always nice to go back to a hobby that one has put aside for awhile. While the farmer plants the barley, I'm close to the house and so I have some scrapbook pages left to finish but mine are more pictures than decorative. I'm determined to finish "The Story of My Life" to this point - with a few empty pages for the travel and family times ahead. Happy Scrapping Maggie!

  9. Hi Maggie, I see you've found an old love! Scrapbooking is a lot of fun. I have made a few pages with things I saved from some of my trips, and I have bags of more to do if I ever find time. I love tags, you did a great job with yours. Lovely!

    The French Hutch

  10. Hi Maggie,
    I'd noticed your absence. How fun that it was due to something really enjoyable. Your pages are so well-done.

    Spare time is in short supply for me right now, but once classes end on the 15th, I'll have more time. I'm looking forward to sewing, gardening and reading in my spare time - and cuddling a new grandbaby!

  11. So that's where you've been!
    I have been caught up in so many events around the wedding - so many dinners - so many guests - that I haven't had time to pick up a needle to indulge my love of needlework. The garden beckons at this time of year, so I fear that only my regular trips to the mainland for work will allow time to play with thread!

  12. I too miss scrapbooking a lot - used to make great albums of all the travels with Jasmin etc. Now the blog takes precedence I'm afraid and the piles of scrapbook supplies, lovely as they are, await another period in life when I have more time again!!! I guess at this age I'd better hurry and make time, right?

    Off to Africa in the morning - off to bed now as taxi coming at 4:30 am. Nobody who knows us wants to pick us up and take us to the airport at that ungodly hour!!

    Your pages are gorgeous - have fun, we'll wait for your blog posts dear.

    Hugs - Mary

  13. Your designs are wonderful. I have to get back into scrapbooking now, because my daughter is expecting her first baby. Now I will have a reason to scrapbook again. Your work is beautiful, and you can tell you love what you are doing. Blogging moods come and go for me, depending on how busy I am at home. The nicest part...everyone is still here when we return.


  14. Wow, Maggie -- I am so impressed. Not only with the volume which is pretty incredible, but with your talent! Really, if I had to pick a favorite, the best I could do would be come up with five or six! Your pages are beautiful!

    And so are your tags -- boy, you took to that like a duck in water. Three cheers to you -- love them all!

  15. Have you heard of Smash Journals? Miss Angie and I are hosting a Smash Journal summer party ;P

  16. Oh Maggie- I had no idea that you loved to scrap book!! Your creations are so beautiful-- you definately have the talent! I'd love to- have always admired folks who create that way---- but I dare NOT take up another obsession!!!

    I'd love a peek into your craft room! Have you considered participating in the Where Bloggers Create event? You must!!!!! Go to Karen's My Desert Cottage for the details. I want to see your stuff girlfriend!


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