Tuesday, 26 June 2012

photo(s) du jour -Diane's mini birthday album

A few days ago I posted some photo's that I'd found whilst looking for some to use for my friend Diane's mini birthday scrapbook album.
You might remember Elvis's pink cadillac?
Diane and I have traveled many thousands of miles together since we met at the 2nd QCI meeting held in Washington DC in 2000.
We've enjoyed several vacations together with our husbands, lovingly refered to as the tag- a- longs, this mini album features some of our "greatest moments".

the front cover

Diane loves to buy Quimper,
here she is at the QCI meeting in Philadelphia with her latest treasure.

The album unfolds to show photo's of D & me at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis,
and D, me & the SP in Texas.
The pull out tag on the right shows D & her DH whilst on vacation with us in Cancun.

The album is a twofer, this is the 2nd front cover.

When you open it you see the iconic Graceland photo of
D & Me & Sister Sue,
above a photo of the SP & Diane's other half
 in San Antonio, TX.

Unfold once more to reveal D & DH on vacation with us in Hilton Head.
Well, today is Diane's birthday and although when I spoke to her just a few minutes ago she hadn't yet seen the gift, she said it was o.k. for me to go ahead and show it to y'all first.
Happy Birthday Diane!


  1. The album is wonderful and you have made it a great tribute to your friendship! I love that you have had the opportunity to travel together! Even with the "tag alongs"!!


  2. This is a gorgeous journal.
    C xx

  3. That is one of the best gifts ever. Very creative!

  4. I am LOVING this album, Maggie. It's very clever, fun and what a perfect gift for a dear friend. I'm thinking Diane is a lucky woman!

  5. Lucky Diane!!...and did I detect a southern drawl in your post???

  6. Maggie, this is such a special gift. I know Diane will cherish this one! I phoned her twice yesterday, but never caught her in the room. Will try again today.
    Can't wait to see your work the next time I get to visit Diane.

  7. This is Fab - she will be delighted with it.


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