Friday, 28 September 2012

Old Fashioned Pink Rose

Possibly the last old fashioned pink climbing rose of this year was too beautiful to leave out in the wind and rain, especially after I realised how much it resembled a rose engraving featured in "Treasury of Garden Writing" a favourite book from the Royal Horticultural Society.
The Senior Partner offered to photograph the rose and book together so, I created a pretty vignette on a table in the dining room.
Since getting the new ipad a few months ago the SP has been learning several new photography techniques, he also took the photograph that I'm using as my new blog header image using the ipad.

He used something called PhotoToaster for the altered image above.

Roses by George Eliot.

You love the roses - so do I. I wish
The sky would rain down roses, as they rain
From off the shaken bush. Why will it not?
Then all the valley would be pink and white
And soft to tread on. They would fall as light
As feathers, smelling sweet; and it would be
Like sleeping and like waking, all at once!

Joining Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.
Click on the link for lot's more pink.


  1. What a pretty, pretty rose. And photographing it against the book is such a good idea. Very creative, is the SP.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Such a lovely image and a reminder of your lovely roses. Now that there is another contributing member of your blog will he help when needed or take turns thinking of things to post about. It would be a good shared hobby come to think of it!

  3. What a beautiful rosé Maggie. Your DH is making good use of his iPad. I have one too since a few months but I am not that far yet. Yesterday I bought a magazine about the iPad and what you can do with it. It is unbelievable how much that little thing can do. I still need to learn a lot. I am going to have a look at the photo toaster.
    Have a nice weekend Maggie.

  4. The rose is beautiful and was going to compliment you on your banner picture. My daughter has an IPad and takes wonderful pictures! I think they can do everything but clean the house!


  5. Beautiful - just beautiful. I imagined I could smell that rose, for surely it would have a wonderful perfume. This afternoon I cut the last of my pink roses. The yellow ones will bloom for some time yet, but the pink ones will soon be a memory. Congratulations to the SP for making such lovely images - and to you for the composition!

  6. I love the George Elliot quote. Which work does it come from? The rose is just lovely. Mine are on their last leg. My daughter loves her Ipad for photos. I have been contemplating. have a great week end.

  7. Oh how lovely. And what a creative idea for taking the photo. My senior mom got an iPad and we've been having fun "adventures" helping her learn how to use it. We haven't gotten as far as the camera yet but I will encourage her about it with this. And I will have to check out photo toaster for myself. :) Thank you for a lovely Pink Saturday visit.

  8. What a lovely vignette and photo composition Maggie.

  9. Now that is a sweet vignette and the SP is quite the photographer !

  10. Gorgeous flowers! And they do look like the ones in the book! Thanks for sharing them!

  11. How lovely your rose is. What a beautiful composition with the book. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  12. Oh, I love roses, too. What perfect photos. Wouldn't they make beautiful note cards? Happy weekend!

  13. Maggie, such a beautiful post with the poetry and the last of your climbing roses.
    Had Susan here for a few days. Wish you could have been here with us........Sarah

  14. what a beautiful rose and the photos are great. Love your blog header. Thanks for stopping by. I am following you now. Have a great Sunday!

  15. You are right... that was too pretty to leave out there in the elements. I love pink roses. The poem was beautiful too. I like the thought of it raining pink rose petals.

  16. Maggie, I LOVE the header and was going to say something before I even read your post! Of course, that is your lovely home. Covered with green vines. Absolutely beautiful.
    The rose is a perfect match to the photo in the book and your SP did a super job with his iPad. I've taken very few photos with mine; you are inspiring me to try.

  17. Hello, my friend. How are you? Certainly reveling in beautiful flowers -- that is one stunning photo. Really beautiful. My roses weren't so hot -- my fault, not theirs -- so seeing yours makes me smile!

  18. Maggie- that's a gorgeous rose-- it is sad to say goodbye to our beautiful summer flowers. The altered image is just wonderful. I love your beautiful blog header-- is that your home?

  19. Maggie~ This is just beautiful...*sigh*

    A perfect real life replica of your rose engraving!


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