Sunday, 25 November 2012

Grateful for Ben's reprieve.

If you've visited my blog at all over the past four + years you will probably have met Mr Ben, my English Cocker spaniel, and know that he is a very important part of my life.
Today I'm posting even more photographs of Ben, photographs that just two days ago I thought I would never get the chance to take.
You see in the wee small hours of Friday morning Ben suffered a massive seizure.
As the Senior Partner steered us through the dark, deserted roads to the emergency veterinary clinic in Bayeux I tried to prepare myself to say goodbye.
Matty, Ben's favourite medic, was on duty that night and he suggested that the reason for the seizure and the smaller episodes that have been occurring recently would suggest that Ben has a brain tumor but the clinic did not have the scanner needed to confirm that diagnosis.
We would have to go to Paris for that.
He administered an anti inflammatory and a mild sedative and we decided to leave Ben at the clinic for the rest of the night.
As you can imagine, back home, we didn't get much sleep. when we returned to the clinic at 10.00 am imagine our amazement when Matty brought Ben out to us in reception.
Bright and alert (Ben, not Matty who had been on call throughout the night!) he was ready to come home with us.
We decided not to go to Paris for the scan but did take with us some medication that apparently aerate's the blood, allowing the brain to function better, which Ben will take for 12 days.
After that he'll have a check up to assess the situation.
Since being home, Ben is more or less back to his normal self.

Ready to go home now!

His appetite is good and, as these photographs show, well up for a Sunday walk through our beautiful Normandy countryside with us today.
This is what we are giving thanks for this weekend.

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  1. Such a worry, isn't it? I can well imagine you didn't sleep that night. I'm so glad that Ben seems back to normal and is enjoying his walks and normal routine in your beautiful part of the world.

  2. Maggie- my sweet friend---
    I'm so sorry that you had such a scare with Mr. Ben. We totally understand your middle of the night anguish-- and your relief to find him better after that scare. We arrived home from travels to find my husbands kitty had suffered something catastrophic and was blind. It's only gone downhill from there:(

    Enjoy your time with your sweet friend-- we know how previous our pets can be--
    Love you-

  3. We had a scare with our dog, Scout, this week, too. I'm so glad Ben is better. I know how harrowing this kind of thing can be - we love our dogs.


  4. You know I'm excited to see these photos of
    sweet Mr. B. Glad to see him out walking and enjoying his day. I'm thinking positive thoughts that the meds will help and keep Mr. Ben healthy and alert.
    Thanks for the photos! ~ Sarah

  5. Oh so glad that Mr Ben is ok for the time being.

    They become such huge parts of our lives it's unbearable to think about how life would be without them
    May he continue he continue to thrive.

  6. What a scare that was with sweet mr Ben. Thank goodness he might get better. Medicines are real good these days.
    Last night we had the new Downton Abbey here on TV. It was wonderful to see old friends again.
    Have a good week.

  7. I am glad Ben is better. What a hard drive it must have been to Bayeaux. Thank goodness he is better and back home with both of you. xo Jenny

  8. Sweet Ben. We wish him the best. These little pets are our best little friends. We had to put one our dear little kitties to sleep a couple of weeks ago. She was 15 and quite ill. We hope Ben does well. Give him lots of hugs and love.

  9. Glad to hear the good news. Hope Ben stays well.

  10. Oh, Maggie, my heart stopped when I read this. To love them so can be such a worry, such a heartbreak, but there is nothing more rewarding than knowing they would do anything for you -- including giving you a comeback and what I know were a ton of smiles and perhaps happy tears. Oh, I've had those scares. I'm glad Mr. Ben has a reprieve, a round two or three or however many -- and yes, you have much for which to be grateful. I don't have to tell you to cherish that. You know.

  11. Maggie,
    So glad for the reprieve. Although I no longer have any pets, I have loved many and I know the agony of worrying about them.

    Hope he stays well.


  12. This was such a shock, sweet Ben having to be hospitalized, and you so stressed wondering how he would fare through all that trauma. But great news knowing he came through it all, trooper that he is, and now hopefully will be with you a long time. Pets are wonderful but in their later years need us for care even more than we ever expect (our dear old kitty lived to be 21 but the last years were difficult).

    Ben is lucky to have you.......and of course I know he's brought you so many years of joy.
    Hope all continues to go well Maggie.
    Hugs - Mary

  13. Hi Maggie &Roger, sorry to hear about the seizure but very pleased to hear the news that Ben is home with you and on the mend.Love Jackie

  14. Visiting from Miss Jenny's - am happy to meet your Ben who is recovering from a very scary event. He is a beautiful pups and I hope he continues to do well. We had a sheltie years ago who had numerous seizures and eventually they disappeared when we changed her kibble. It is frightening to go through and we want the best for our dear companions.

  15. oh he's adorable! We are brand new dog owners to a 5 month old poodle and I already can't bear anything happening to him. And 4 is so young to have issues! I hope it works out for him!

  16. I do hope your Mr. Ben does well. Our Cairn terrier, Jack, was recently diagnosed with a low thyroid, and is on thyroid meds. We are hoping he does well on that and does not have a thyroid tumor.

  17. My goodness Mr. Ben has had quite an ordeal. I hope all will be well very soon and you will all be happy and enjoying his company a lot! Nice photos! It is always wonderful visiting from Ms. Jenny's. Have a terrific weekend. Hugs Anne

  18. What a traumatic exprience for all of you...

    I am glad that Ben is doing okay...

    Great post for the letter B...

    Thanks for linking.



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