Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday walk - through the dunes

We headed back to the beach this morning for our Sunday walk and were surprised to find a completely different scene in front of us, than the one we saw last time.

As you can see the tide was only just going out and it wasn't easy to find a strip of sand to walk on, so we stayed up in the dunes until we founds a way down to a place where we wouldn't get our feet wet.

Even on the land side of the dunes the going was wet and boggy.

There isn't usually a small lake here.

You saw "Les Braves", a fantastic piece of art, in last week's post.......

It takes on a whole new meaning when the waves are crashing down around it, n'est pas?
bon dimanche.
Joining Mary's Mosaic Monday


  1. The tides in Normandy always amaze me...the way they rush back in after being so low.

  2. The photos are beautiful, Maggie. I know you enjoyed going to the beach. It is similar to our Dutch dunes with the tide coming up so far. Glad you had such a nice hike.
    We're watching Downton Abbey here in Texas. Americans love it since many of our roots go back to England. xo Jenny

  3. When I see what he wind is doing it must have been a cold windy dat Maggie. It ooks like our dunes and beaches in winter.
    have a nice week


  4. Goodness, how MUST "Les Braves" be ANCHORED if it can withstand all that wave action!

  5. Les Braves looks beautiful with the foamy water rushing around it. What a difference. How far are you from the beach? It's such a pleasant way to spend Sundays.


  6. Great sea pictures. A very nice place to walk for sure.

  7. We did choose similar scenes for our mosaics. Alas, we lack sand dunes here - it's all rock. But the waves rushing on the shore are beautiful no matter where one is in the world.

    Wishing you comforting days.

  8. The sea attracted several of us this week. Your shots are wild and give me an impression of the cold and wind - quite different from the very placid sea at sunrise that I found.

  9. Morning Maggie, reminds me of our visit to the Normandy beaches and to you, it wasn't last year was it but the year before, how time flies!!
    We haven't been to the beach so far this year, but love early morning walks by the sea or estuary, often go to Bosham or Barton on Sea for a good blow and exercise!!
    Have a good week, Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  10. Beautiful scenes and mosaic!

    Great captures!

    Have a great week.

  11. beautiful -- love the sculpture in the waves.

  12. Oh my the waves on the beach are absolutely beautiful! the Lady Grantham quote!

  13. I love the dunes -- and it's so rough! Very beautiful -- aren't tides fascinating? We don't see a lot here in Michigan but when I travel I am always amazed howlarge and small the beach can be!

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