Sunday, 14 April 2013


This morning we took a drive over to the village of Vouilly to mooch around the small Foire de Printemps, hoping to bring back some plantlets to get my potager started.

Now that the days are beginning to warm up it's time to start planting, maybe!
I came away with 25 mixed lettuce, 5 celeriac, 6 tomato seedlings, a pot of thyme and a large bag of earthy potatoes for eating, not planting.

40 potato plants went into the plot when S the G came up to wake up the potager from it's winter slumber by mulching and rotavating last week.

After stashing the plants in the car we drove by the village church and I was seized with the urge to go inside to take some photographs, to share with you all.

Imagine, if you will, getting out of the car, walking over thick, crunchy gravel and encountering the most amazing place you have seen for a very long time.

I hope these photographs allow you to experience this very special place in the same way that it moved me today.
That's enough talk, just walk with me....................................................

 Mind the step, then look up.

and up.......


 I wonder how many babies have been baptised in this font?

Should we sit for a while and just take it all in?

Every place that your eye rests there is something wonderful to hold your gaze.

On the floor and on the walls.

By the door there are exhibits showing how the church was restored in the 1980's. These have faded over time but I was able to make out the story behind this strange object.

It is the only remaining example of a 12th century Normandy acoustic vase, made of terracotta they were placed in the choir to improve the church's acoustics.
I really enjoyed sharing this hidden gem, tucked away in a tiny Normandy village, with you today.
We must go for a walk together again soon.
bon dimanche.......................................................


  1. That old church was a treasure to stumble upon. That is one of the things I love about living in Europe. You don't know what's arouond the corner. It has a very interesting history and your photos tell the story well. Thanks for sharing, Maggie. xo Jenny

  2. Oh Maggie- I'm just in awe of this beautiful place. I can't even all the history that this beautiful place has seen. It's so peaceful there-- almost magical. Your photos are amazing and beautiful. I don't know when I have enjoyed such a wonderful tour so much. Xoxo

  3. What an amazing church...I get the chills thinking of all the people that have passed through it's doors over the centuries. Beautiful! I enjoyed the tour!

    I'm happy to hear you are going to be back out in the potager soon! I'm hoping that I can win the battle with the bunnies this summer! :)


  4. Amazing indeed. I love those old churches. I am glad that you go exploring and then are of the mind to share your adventures. I do hope that it is warmer in England than it is here right now. Were we to plant anything now, it would freeze. Your garden selection looks pretty exciting.

  5. Wow, we love visiting old Churches this one is wonderful, thank you for sharing your photographs. Finally the weather is improving and I am thinking of planting but will Jack Frost be around again??

    Have a good week, Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  6. Maggie, this is a great post. Your garden will be great!

    I have two questions -- how do you pronounce potager -- pot-a-gzher with the accent on the last syllable or pot-e-gzhay -- Rick is planting one and I want to get it right!

    And how far is that church from the beaches. I could almost swear I was there. It was an Eglise Notre Dame near there -- the front of the building and door handle looked very much like pix I took. A cemetery outside. And that covers about every church in France! When I was there they had a large sign about how it was reconstructed by (I think) American GIs after the war. I hope it was the same. Either way you have brought back a lovely memory.

  7. It's not but very, very close-- just went back and compared pix inch by inch. Still, it's beautiful and the memory was too, so happy all around!

  8. How wonderful! Thank you so much for taking us along!

  9. What a lovely walk - I'm so glad you came upon such a beautiful place and were moved to share. Some days I long for a walk through history such as you've had today.

  10. Your life is filled with such amazing bits of history. I'm so glad you felt compelled to share this amazing place. You know I like to take in all the details ~ age worn wood and stone, special details carved in the stone, .....Thanks for sharing, Maggie! Your garden is going to be lovely!

  11. Thank you for sharing the beautiful church with us.

  12. The oldest church where I live is only about 150 years old so seeing these pictures holds me in awe. Thank you SO much for sharing them!

  13. I love your photos! It was like being there. What a wonderful place to live. You are most fortunate!

  14. Very rich in its simplicity - the history is amazing.
    I love to find small secret places such as this when I travel - museums are OK but going through old doors, walking on the original floors, and sitting down in peace and quiet and just 'being' in such a place..........nothing can beat that!

    Glad it will be time for gardening soon - I'm up to my eyebrows in plants and such after our heatwave last week - things are growing by leaps and bounds, and I hit the garden center yesterday, enough said!

    Hugs - be well - Mary X

  15. Breathtaking! Thanks for sharing a piece of your history with us.

  16. The sense of history in such a place is mind-boggling. That door. The staircase. The baptismal font. Do such things hold memory? I wonder.

    I'm so glad you took us along on your walk. I'd love to visit in person one day.

    Enjoy the potager! I hope the weather cooperates.

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