Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hippocrates and the Knights Castle, Kos.

I wouldn't want you to think that all we did on vacation was lounge around in the sun, oh no.

On two occasions we took the ramshackle local bus down into Kos Town to wander the twisty streets and squares and admire the boats moored in the marina and harbour. 

The two main things to see when visiting Kos town, the island capital, 
are the Tree of Hippocrates and the Knights Castle.

The ancient plane tree that one sees today is about 500 years old, 
believed to be the oldest tree in Europe 
and possibly descended from the Tree of Hippocrates 
under which the father of medicine instructed his students.

Sadly, the tree is now a hollow shell and has to be supported by scaffolding. 
Surrounding the tree are tumbled down marble columns and broken fountains, 
they are cordoned off from the public but still gloriously magnificent.

The Tree of Hippocrates can be found in the square outside the entrance to the Knight Castle, a fortification built in the 14th century by the medieval Knights of St John in order to defend the town of Kos from the Ottomans.

The castle was originally built on an island separated from the mainland by a moat, with a drawbridge over. Later the moat became a road and a permanent bridge was built to link the castle to the mainland. I wonder how many feet have trodden these cobbled stones?

Ancient statues and columns everywhere you look.

 A not so ancient relic!

 Ancient cannons and cannonballs.

  We spotted this church which is undergoing restoration close to the harbour.

The site of yet another archaeological dig, close to the Tree of Hippocrates.

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  1. I'd love to walk on those smooth cobbles, Maggie. That's the sort of scene that grabs my attention. What a lovely holiday you must have had - and isn't it nice to have one's own Relic along for company?@

  2. Beautiful places. I wouldn't blame you for staying in that resort and enjoying the pool. But I'm glad you ventured out so we could see the tree and those scenes created long ago. It does make one wonder about the past.

    Loved the "not so ancient relic" line.

  3. It's so picture-perfect! I am so glad you enjoyed it to the max -- and and out of the resort. These are wonderful photos!

  4. Oh Maggie

    Kos looks amazing and I've enjoyed tripping along with you and your dear relic – thank you!

    I have a real feeling for trees – the 500yr old plane tree is incredible, I would love to see it - imagine the times and events it's been privy to!
    Very sad to see it propped up like that – I’m surprised to see it is still struggling to produce leaves.
    Could you get close enough to hug it?

    hugs from me

  5. Fantastic tour and history, thanks for sharing this historic area. I hope you can also join us for Travel Photo MOndays, a photo carnival running the whole week starting MOndays.

  6. What a beautiful island, Maggie! I've seen pictures of plane trees in France and on the Tour De France, but I never realized they were so old and I hadn't heard the story of the Tree of Hippocrates. This was very interesting.

    I've read a lot about Greece and would like to visit someday. If we were to visit, I'd like to go to the island of Corfu. Have you ever been?

    Thanks for sharing your pretty pics with us; I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)


  7. Maggie, looks like you two had a delightful get away. I'm with Pondside.......great to have one's own Relic along for company.
    I just returned from St. A. where you were dearly missed. Wonderful time as always to be with the QCI group. Hope to post some photos when I get myself organized.
    Hugs to you and the senior partner. ~ Sarah

  8. Maggie- what a wonderful and beautiful place you visited! The photos are just gorgeous!! I love the ruins- they photographed beautifully. Your trip must have just been amazing:)



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