Sunday, 20 October 2013

that old chestnut

I've called this post that old chestnut because this isn't the first time that I've shared images of our garden in the fall and chestnuts always seem to feature in those autumn posts.

After a particularly heavy downpour yesterday the sun came out from behind the grey clouds bringing beautiful blue skies and the perfect photo op for a Kodak moment.

I also found the grass littered with horse chestnuts which we call conkers

and mushrooms which may or may not be edible but we're not about to find out.

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  1. Maggie, we've had rainy gray skies all week, but yesterday and today are glorious with blue skies and a nip in the air. Autumn is without doubt my favorite season.
    Thanks for sharing your little piece of heaven and that old chestnut tree. These images bring back wonderful memories of times shared together, my friend. Everyone missed you in FL. ~ Sarah

  2. Beautiful pictures Maggie! Chestnut trees, oh sweet memories of my childhood, always loved to collect them, when you were lucky you found one who had 2 nuts in the prickly shell.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful photo's maggie. Autumn most of the times is so pretty. Have a nice week.

  4. Love the beautiful pictures and I love that tree, it is just so beautiful, an old chestnut tree, wow

  5. It is that time of the year isn't it? Out neighbours have a glorious oak tree that drops leaves and nuts. In the spring there are hundreds of little shoots that come up.

  6. I hear the conkers are having a bang up season in England too this Autumn - and yours look fabulous Maggie! I love the horse chestnut trees - we don't have them around here. Conkers - such memories of that silly, but fun, childhood game - how about we get together and have a 'conker fight' some day? LOL.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely French autumn pics. Trees not showing much color here in NC yet - but nights are beginning to cool and the landscape will change soon

    Happy week ahead - hugs, Mary

  7. They're here, too, the Conkers. They don't grow in Texas. The children in Holland collect them and so do their mothers for fall arrangements. Beautiful fall photos. xo Jenny

  8. Hello dear Maggie
    Such a lovely Autumn post - love your mosaics!
    My daughter tells me there is already a crispness in the air.

    There's something quintessentially English about a chestnut tree....
    Longfellow's poem comes to mind
    'Under the spreading chestnut tree'

    Have a happy week in Normandy

  9. Thee are such pretty fall shots. I like the way you did the last one and inserted that other picture. I have never seen it done before, and I really like it. genie

  10. Maggie,

    Love the chestnut tree pictures. We had one on our street when I was growing up. Collected hundreds which my mother must have thrown out! I like to add them to stuffing and buy a jar of roasted chestnuts from Williams Sonoma!

    Very glad to be back in Florida as the weather up north this summer was not typical.


  11. Maggie,
    Such inspiring and delightful photos! Truly a treat for me on this Monday morning!

  12. A grand old tree. Do you roast the chestnuts?

  13. The horse chestnuts are out here, too, and when I saw them recently, I remember your post and how you call them conkers. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your corner of France.

  14. Ohh I love the chestnuts-- they aren't plentiful around here-- but I get excited when I find them. Your photos are lovely.

  15. Lovely to see these beautiful trees Maggie. I miss them...even though it's been years since I walked along beautiful beautiful tree lined streets on the way home from school.

  16. Love chestnut trees, Maggie. When I was little, I'd fill my pockets with shiny.
    Of course, we all stomped on them, too.


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