Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Simple Womans Daybook - February

For today: February 2nd 2014

Outside my window... it is cold but dry. Our beach walk this morning was very pleasant; it’s always good for M’selle Fleur to socialize with other dogs.

I am thinking... about a Chinese Whisper scrap booking project that has me “thinking outside the box”.

I am thankful... for a big, deep bathtub to soak in at the end of the day.

I am T shirt, black lounging pants & a soft pink fleecy hooded dressing gown which was a Christmas present from the Senior Partner.

I am creating...the aforementioned Chinese Whisper layout.

In the kitchen... for dinner tonight foil baked fish with fennel, chives, thyme and white wine, inspired by Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

I am going... downstairs very soon to start cooking dinner.

Photo courtesy of Button Cottage website

I am wondering...if I need to contact the owner of Button Cottage, Alstonefield, Derbyshire about my May reservation. She didn't answer my last email, I’d really be upset if the booking fell through.

I am reading...”Temptation” by Douglas Kennedy.

I am hoping...that the painter/decorator doesn't make too much mess when he comes to lay the new parquet floor and paint & paper the SP’s study later this week.

I am looking forward to....watching “Call The Midwife” on BBC TV later this evening.

Around the garden….daffodils are nodding their heads with every slight breeze that passes by, there are buds on the quince and forsythia bushes and pretty primula plants are shyly peeping through.

A favorite quote for today, (actually my favourite quote of all time!)…

"All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well." - Julian of Norwich, 14th  English Anchoress.

One of my favorite things...Teresa Collins scrap book paper products.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a trip to IKEA to buy new curtains for the SP’s study, if the weather holds some garden work mainly tidying up after the recent high winds and with the Membership Renewal Drive in full swing some Secretarial duties for the Quimper Club International.


  1. Love the view from your window, the flowers are so delightful this time of year to have color is so perfect, thanks for sharing...

  2. How nice to see your post pop up, Maggie. You have been busy from what I read. I'd love to meet you in IKEA for a little shopping. Our closes IKEA is a 90 minute ferry ride away.
    I love the quote as well - it needs to be worked on a needlepoint cushion and put where I'd see it every day.
    Have a cosy evening!

  3. Hi Maggie, Normandy looks pretty spring-y. I adore the daffodils. Here we have about 6 inches of snow, sun is shining and the snow looking like it was sprinkled with a bit of chuncky glitter sparkles. Our daffodils are sound asleep and we will not see then until the last of April and May. Today is our big national football game--Super Bowl. Our team, the Denver Broncos are playing, so we are having a fiend over to join us. We are excited and nervous. Happy scrapping.

  4. Love the daffodils! It's a snowy day here and I'm starting to feel spring fever. Wonderful post.

  5. Dearest Maggie- you've just described a wonderful day in your beautiful home. Enjoy every minute---

    Even dreary winter days can be wonderful in the ways you've described your day--

  6. I loved hearing details about your day Maggie - even what you were wearing!
    I hope your painting/flooring project goes well - sounds like a lovely room will soon be completed - hopefully you'll share pics!
    I was back at the paint store this afternoon, still trying to find the right very, very dark blue for my little entry - think I've decided now. Painter comes to chat and schedule the work tomorrow.
    I also walked today, sadly just near a pond, no beach - 2 hrs. away. Also stopped by SuzAnna's Antiques and found a couple of pretties for the cottage! All in all a lovely Sunday - and it reached 65F which was a change from recent freezing temps. and snow.

    Have a wonderful week, IKEA will be, as always, a fun shopping trip - hugs, Mary

  7. Maggie, what a delight to see your post pop up on my sidebar. I can just imagine you up in your studio creating your latest project. It's cold and damp here. No pretty daffodils nodding in the breeze, nor any sign of buds. I did bring home a beautiful blooming red geranium yesterday. I'll keep it on the sunporch till it warms, but couldn't resist. Sadly everything that was blooming in the garden was lost in this last freeze.
    Enjoy the project. Hugs to you and the SP. '-)

  8. How nice to see a post from you pop up in my reader, Maggie. I loved reading about the details of your day - your dinner, your walk on the beach, what's happening in your garden. Lovely bits of everyday life.
    Have a wonderful week. I'd love to visit IKEA, too, but Pondside has explained why we can't go on a whim.
    Julian of Norwich's quote is one of my favourites, too. A good one to remember in troubled days.

  9. I like this, Maggie. Great format, newsy and I feel close to you up in Normandy. Just great and I'm looking forward to your decorating redo since I was in your study and remember it being comfy and warm. It has been really cold in Texas this winter. xo Jenny

  10. This is a wonderful post, Maggie. I feel like I'm there with you. Wish I was -- it will be sometime before we see anything with signs of life peeking through the feet of snow! You're lucky -- we don't get Midwife til March 30. I can't wait. Right now we're watching Downton and Sherlock, which I'm sure you saw months ago if you enjoy them!

    Oh, to go to IKEA -- ours is about 90 minutes away and what I want requires a vehicle I don't have!

    Please share your Chinese Whisper project when you are done. It sounds magical!

  11. So nice to see your post and that spring has sprung in your part of the world.
    I just seem to have 1/2 dozen snowdrops just showing their faces, so your way ahead of us in the UK.
    That cottage looks like a delightful place to spend some time. I hope you and SP enjoy your stay.

  12. We are buried under a foot or so of snow so it was very gratifying to hear you have things blossoming in your garden. It gives me hope that Spring will ultimately return here too.

  13. This is a great way to catch up! The Button Cottage looks so've picked a great place for a get away! I have been looking for new curtains as well and I looked at IKEA's website. Beautiful! And great prices, of course.

    I'm always amazed that your daffodils bloom so much earlier than ours. I am so excited for spring!


  14. Popping in from TSWD and loving your pictures. I am guessing that you are in the UK somewhere. I really enjoyed your daybook. Dinner sounds wonderful and healthy. Good luck with the floors and such.

  15. So happy to have stumbled upon your blog!

  16. Hello again Maggie. i have been away from blogging on a regular basis but decided to visit my old friends this morning and after looking back wrote a comment on your January 1st post. I was commenting for this post though. Have a lovely day!


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