Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Jotting things down for Alphabe-Thursday

Jotting, (certainly not to be confused with jogging) a quick shopping list on the back of a used envelope; an appointment noted in a diary; a daily To Do List or a recipe taken from a blog or magazine scribbled in a notebook, is something I do all the time.

I've noticed recently that I've started to take photographs in a "jotting" kind of way too.

on our walk yesterday we had to turn back as we came across another flooded road

I don't possess a smart phone, much too techie for my needs, but usually have my Panasonic Lumix camera with me so that if a particular scene catches my eye or I see something out of the ordinary I can "jot" it down for future use when blogging or scrapping.

In early January I bought a Kindle Fire HDX. 
It has a built in high res camera which came in very handy yesterday morning for capturing a quiet January sunrise from my bedroom window.

This morning when a very light snow lay on the ground I couldn't resist - do you wanna build a snowman?

Joining Mrs Matlock once again for Alphabe-Thursday
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  1. My favorite camera too..thanks to Roger..I have gotten to like my Samsung notepad for wider range photos..but the pixels and focus aren't nearly as good..still nice for quick shots and sunsets..
    Love your posts and your lovely photos..thanks

  2. I do prefer jotting to jogging! Different cameras for different purposes. Lovely photos of your corner of the world. Hope it dries up soon.

  3. My goodness...a Kindle with a built in camera! How did I not hear of this??! Technology just zooms by so fast as soon the new becomes old!

    The photos are beautiful as always. Is the flooding from melting snow?

    I have tried lists...they can be hit or miss...good for the grocery store or a quick run to the drugstore. I recently went out to pick up a prescription and came home with everything but it!! To Do lists just become lost in the shuffle. They look good as I write them, later I sort of laugh to think I could ever be that rigid. And that would be just me, no offense to anyone who likes to have them. :)

    Love to you,


    1. The flooding has happened because the rivers and streams broke their banks due to the heavy rain fall and the ditches at the side of the lanes couldn't cope either. M.

  4. I think you did some wonderful "J" moves here -- but the "P" moves -- that is, the Photos -- are spectacular!

  5. You nicely "jotted" around ! I don't have a smart phone either, a simple mobile is enough for me because I always have my little Canon with me. I am surprised that Kindle has now a camera too ! I have the model HD and can only use it for Skype or selfies ! Good to know !

  6. I 'jot' the same way, Maggie. I find myself snapping with an eye for an illustration - and have even found myself snapping a photo of a recipe in a magazine in a waiting room, where once I'd have painstakingly copied it onto a piece of paper. Great minds think alike!

  7. i didn't know the Kindle Fire has a camera. One more reason to get one! The water looks to be everywhere in your Daybreak photos. Wow! Maybe it's the angle of the stone wall... {:-D

    1. It's not water in the daybreak pix but a heavy frost that came in the night.

  8. I still don't get great pics with my iPhone compared to a regular camera - it's just handy to have when I've forgotten the camera! All this technology is running too fast for me to keep up I'm afraid.
    Lovely 'daybreak' photos Maggie.
    Hope it's drier by now - we have rain here but further north they're getting a lot of snow.
    Happy weekend, Mary


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