Wednesday, 18 February 2015

a traveller returns to Normandy

The traveller is returned from warm, sunny Cyprus 
where we were lulled to sleep by waves breaking on the shore
just metres below our balcony.
I have yet to sort through the many photographs 
which I took on that jewel of a Mediterranean  island
 but promise to share some of them with you soon.
Today we awoke to a very different morning, the garden glistening under a light
shimmering of frost.
After the sun came up and blue skies appeared 
I went outside, with my camera, to record the signs of Spring's early arrival in Normandy.

 pretty primroses
 daffodils in bud

delicate purple crocus with deep orange stamens
Mother Nature really knows how to make an entrance.

towering silver birch trees 
the trunks seem to glow in the sunlight

 the papery bark makes interesting patterns,

I've been playing with picmonkey again
this time using the out of focus bokeh technique
I like the effect but think I need to investigate further just how to use the feature correctly.

Joining Mrs Matlock for Alphabe-Thursday
where the letter N for Normandy is spotlighted this week.

and Karen @ My Little Home and Garden for
Sunlit Sunday


  1. Lovely to see spring arriving. It's been a beautiful sunny day here to with snowdrops and hellebores just flowering. My primroses have a little way to go yet.
    Your holiday looked lovely and look forward to seeing more photos of it.

  2. Warm and sunny Cypress looks fabulous. Warm we do not have here, with sub-zero (F) temps. Sunny we have -- and the snow sparkles. All in all, I'd opt for cypress! Looks like a fabulous tie and can't wait for more!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful warm time in Cyprus - just happy you didn't come this way to HH! Terrible weather in the southeast with treacherous icy conditions and even colder record breaking low temps. on the way. Schools closed since Mon. noon - many businesses shut - we are not even leaving the house and driving on those awfully dangerous roads.

    Looking forward to your photos of warm and sunny - and guess what, I 'won you' in Lorrie's magazine swap, yippee! Do you you have an American mag. preference or shall I surprise you later?

    Hugs from the frozen south - Mary x

  4. Oh I really enjoyed photos of spring's return-we are still pretty frozen here in Missouri-

  5. Such welcoming sight, those happy Spring flowers. I'm happy to hear you had a wonderful stay in Cyprus and am looking forward to seeing the photos! Wishing you a beautiful day.

  6. Spring hasn't arrived in my part of France yet. I did a tour of the garden today as the sun was shining and the sky was blue with fluffy clouds. I found some of the daffs starting to show their buds, but not as advanced as yours. Some of my primroses are trying their best to flower. Two snowdrops , at least that's more than last year , so they haven't rotted or been eaten I'm longing for spring. Looking forward to seeing some of your photos from Cypress.

  7. I am anxious for Springtime to arrive. Thanks for sharing and giving us a peak into the next season. Have a great day and come visit soon.

  8. I'm glad you're back! Spring is a long time coming here, but I sure enjoyed your photos!

  9. Beautiful Springtime photography and very creative.

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  10. Sounds like a great vacation. Everything looks so nice at home; love the closeup of bark and colorful circles! {:-Deb

  11. Beautiful signs of spring, Maggie. Not many here just yet. Glad you had a wonderful trip. Spent the day with Trudi and Neil today as they are here visiting in Austin this week. Fun time! ;-)

  12. Beautiful Normandy, Maggie, I agree!!! It is after Valentines day so time to trim the trees in Southeast Texas. I took bids today. I showed them my Redbud tree, barren and looking dead from winter effects. One told me that the Redbuds will bloom a month late this year because of our long lasting winter. Mine is a late bloomer anyway, I many have to wait until April for ours. ;-)
    We too have traveled on the line, went from Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles on the Norwegian Sun. They didn't tell me it wasn't Norway but I knew.

  13. Your Normandy spring is on a par with our Vancouver Island one. It's so lovely to get out and poke around looking for signs of spring. After some sunny days (clear, cold nights), we are back to drizzle.

  14. Spring is very beautiful in Normandy! Still winter north of Toronto.

  15. We are a long way from Normandie and from spring around here – sigh …

  16. Love the shadow photo with the birch trees. You are a little ahead of us with spring. A couple of primroses out here and the daffodils just days away. Looking forward...

  17. What a wonderful sunny morning! A real delight! xx

  18. Those early, Normandy spring blooms are bright and cheery, and would fit in perfectly on this Mediterranean island, which is cold and blustery and grey, today!

    Happy Sunlit Sunday!


  19. Looking forward to your Cyprus stories. Looks like spring has arrived in Normandy! Lucky you. The blooms (and promises) are so lovely.

  20. The anticipation that comes with the swollen buds of the daffodil brightens any day! Lovely photos! Smiles...Susan

  21. I find there is much joy to found in a garden, admiring the signs of spring; I love that time of year.. It will be quite some time before they arrive here, so it's off I go to enjoy the snowy winter.


  22. Not fair- but lovely to see! How lucky to have spring emerging already! Love the texture of the birch tree!

  23. Oh Maggie- I can't wait to see your photos from Cyprus- that must have been an incredible vacation. You came home to beautiful spring like weather. Such lovely blooms---- we are in the midst of a melting snow--14 inches worth!!


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