Sunday, 22 February 2015

greco-roman style....................................

Despite stormy weather on our arrival in Cyprus, 
the day of our guided tour of the island dawned bright and clear, perfect sightseeing weather.

Driving east from Paphos to Kourion our first stop 
was the sanctuary and temple of Apollo Hylates. 
Apollo was the Olympian God of the Sun and of Music.

Worship of Apollo also known as the woodland God, Hylates 
began at this site around the 8th century B.C.

It was awe inspiring to wander through the ruins of this sacred place,
 listening to our guides as they recounted it's history 

Weary travelers who sought sanctuary here often made sacrifices or left offerings, 
to the Greek God, Apollo, on the Circular Altar.

As the only visitors that morning we relished the peaceful atmosphere and soaked it up.

Our Greek Cypriot guide Andreas and driver Michael 
shared with us tales of Greek gods, myths and Roman legends
not to mention a delicious lunch of traditional mezes.

Situated high on a cliff overlooking the Eastern Mediterranean 
the archaeological area of Kourion contains excavated ruins
 dating to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.

The Roman agora and baths were constructed in the 3rd century A.D.

The nymphaeum was a sacred place devoted to nymphs and minor divinities 
- protectors of springs and waters -

Following Roman bathing customs the baths were divided into separate areas.
 the tepidarium (warm room) 
caldarium (hot room)
frigidarium (cold room)

Construction of the greco-roman theatre at Kourion began in the 2nd century B.C.
Extended during the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D, it could accommodate 3,500 spectators
who came to watch gladiators in combat.

The theatre has been fully restored and many concerts are held here throughout the year.

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  1. This was such an interesting post Maggie - I'm a huge lover of sacred ruins and these are SO old - imagine unearthing pottery from 2300 B.C., amazing! A Summer concert here would be a fabulous evening out.
    Great photos - a place I'd love to visit.

    Hugs - Mary

  2. Thank you for such an informative post!

  3. I love Greek mythology and the stories behind the ruins you've shown.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  4. What a great post on your visit to Cyprus. The ruins are just amazing to me and is on my bucket list of places to see. Thanks for sharing your trip! Have a happy week!

  5. What amazing architecture and feats of building! We can't do anything without our machines and computers, but these ancient civilizations built structures that stand for centuries and continue to astound. Having a knowledgeable guide is the best way to see these places. How great that you were the only ones there.

  6. Maggie, I am especially interested in reviving abodes for nymphs... we could certainly stand the protection of our springs and waters (mere humans not really excelling at that) ;)

    Your photos are brilliant!

  7. All that blue sky and brown earth gives me hope! How I would love to have been there not only for the weather but also for the remarkable history that this region holds. It would be a fascinating vacation!

  8. Fantastic post, Maggie. I'd love to make this trip sometime. Makes me think of our trip to Turkey. ;-)

  9. I so enjoyed this tour, with only one regret: I'd like to have been aside you. I am always astounded by those old ruins, wondering how they were built. On the backs of slaves I suppose. Wonderful photos with great narrative which I enjoyed.

  10. It must have been quite a thrill to have been the only ones there - you could imagine yourself as if a thousand years ago!

  11. Breathtaking pictures of these monumental ruins, along with a very interesting narrative, and, although I am familiar with the history, hearing it from another, rejuvenates its significance. Thank you for the wonderful tour!


  12. The ruins are magnificent-- so much history in this beautiful place.. You must have been so excited to tour these pieces of great history and hear all the stories....

    Lovely photos-- thank you for sharing them.


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