Saturday, 28 February 2015

Being inspired.

Blogger friends have been inspiring me this week, providing nest fluffing opportunities.
Lorrie @ Fabric Paper Thread is hosting a magazine swap next month.
In readiness I've bought some of my favourite English and French decorating magazines to send but couldn't resist the opportunity of checking them out myself first and noting the new trends and ideas for Spring d├ęcor.

The March issue of Country Homes & Interiors is full of inspiration and this little display caught my eye.
I utilised 2 plain clear glass bottles, a vase, a whisky tumbler, a conserve pot
and faux flowers
This is my copycat version, reflected in the antique French country mirror found at auction in Bayeux many years ago, it really brightens up the hallway. 

A few days ago I learned from Lorrie that she will be one of the two partners allocated to me in the swap. Mary @ A Breath of Fresh Air is my swapee, Stateside.
Lucky me will be the receiver of magazines from both the US and Canada.
I "met" Lorrie and Mary through blogging several years ago and I think I've come to know them both quite well despite never ever having met either of them IRL!
Mary recently blogged about the joys of changing loose/slip covers on chairs and sofas, a challenge which I can so relate to. What caught my eye in the post, however, was the stylish “vignette”, for want of a better word, that she has created on the coffee table in front of the couch.
Click here to see my inspiration.
I have been scouring Pinterest for weeks for inspiration on how to add a touch of class to the table that sits between our two squishy sofas in the sitting room, whilst still being able to use it for the occasional fireside petit dejeuner a deux.

The solution of displaying items on a large tray that can be moved to another location, as and when needed, is perfect.

The best part about being inspired by both the Country Homes vignette and Mary's table top was that creating my versions didn't cost a sou because I shopped in my own home.
You know what I mean, looking around the house and picking up pieces from various rooms to see if they display well together in ways you'd not thought of before.

For the table top I began with a vintage French decoupage tray purchased for a few euros at a brocante fair, added a Rene Lalique vase paired with creamy silk roses and other faux greenery; a cute Lladro/Nao puppy serves as a paperweight on top of those decorating magazines I mentioned before and a couple of stoneware drinks coasters, always useful when steaming mugs of tea are to hand.
I'm very happy with the end result, pretty and practical.

Where do you look for your inspiration, I'd love to hear your ideas?


  1. Fabulous vignettes Maggie (thanks for the heads up). Love the vases of mixed flowers, makes me want to go buy some, even if faux, because everywhere looks so dreary now the snow is melting and it's so mucky-looking outside. Beautiful mirror.
    Glad you caught on to the idea of using a tray on the table - I do the same thing and lift it off when I need to serve tea or snacks for drinks. Your find at the brocante was great - I would have been fighting you for that one, ha ha!!
    Lovely post - your home is so beautiful.
    I'm behind with the magazine purchase - sorry - just haven't been able to go shopping or to the post office on the treacherous road conditions - two long weeks now and I want Spring to arrive.

    Happy weekend dear friend.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. Lovely post, greeting from Belgium.

  3. Isn't the magazine swap fun, Maggie? I have been allocated a partner in Alsace - a part of France that I love and know well.
    Inspiration? I get it from books and magazines and sometimes from a stroll through a shop. I find that it takes some time for me to distill the ideas and make them my own. I do love your table vignette!

  4. I agaree very lovely post from the snowy Ozarks in Missouri

  5. A wonderful post, Maggie. I get inspiration from other bloggers (like you, and Mary) and from magazines and store displays. A tray on the coffee table is a great idea. It corrals the bits and pieces and makes it easy to move the whole tempting display when little grandchildren come by, or if we want to eat dinner in front of the television.
    I've not been out to pick up the magazines either, due to this dratted influenza. However, I'm feeling much better and will get to town this coming week. I do love those clear glasses lined up in front of your mirror. So fresh looking.

  6. Wow a magazine swap sounds like a lot of fun and hope you enjoy. I get my inspiration from magazines and from pinterest too. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  7. Inspiration is everywhere! We're so blessed! I love your glowing photos today. I don't buy magazines as often now because I read them digitally on my iPad. It makes for less stacks. Aren't bloggers kind and generous? Fun!

  8. Truly lovely, Maggie. I start with such good intentions but seem to mess it up all too quickly!

  9. I miss finding swaps in time to join in! I have made some excellent friends doing them. Enjoy and have a great time. Good to visit you here and say hello.


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