Wednesday, 4 March 2015

P is for packing

To paraphrase Robert Browning, this week I've been having 
"abroad thoughts from home".
It's time to go travelling again, methinks.
Next week the Senior Partner and I are heading to the States, 
Hilton Head Island, SC. to be exact.
Now, I know I don't need to tell those of you who live there
that many areas of the US have been experiencing shall we say "challenging" weather recently. 
The long range forecast for HHI during our almost 3 week stay calls for
 rain, T storms, a few sunny days, possibly followed by more showers and rain!
My dilemma therefore is what to pack for all eventualities.

I can hear you all shouting, even as I type, "layers".
T shirts; tank tops; long sleeved tunics.
A cosy, knitted sweater; fleece lined gilet; polartec jacket; scarves. Check.
Chinos; sweat pants; jeans. 
Maybe I should include a pair of cropped pants too for those hopefully warmer days 
and a dressier pair for when we go out to dinner?

Add some comfortable shoes, (I recently discovered TOMS, what a find - love them!) 
and Converse All Star dainty zebra sneakers for travelling in.

Along with all the other more mundane items such as underwear, pj's, makeup & toiletries
 I'll be packing everything in this suitcase.

Well, you know how confusing it gets 
when all those black bags come around together 
on the luggage carousel at the airport!

I hope to be able to continue blogging whilst we're away, though it does depend on whether I can figure out how to use the Picasa app on my Kindle Fire HDX!

Joining Mrs Matlock for Alphabe-Thursday
where the letter P is in the spotlight this week.


  1. You must be a packing expert with all the traveling you have done, Maggie :) Hope your trip is blessed with mild weather and lovely experiences.

    Love the suitcase!

  2. Well, Maggie, you certainly travel in style. Love the luggage! '-)
    The high top sneakers are adorable, and yes, Tom's is a favorite in my wardrobe as well. How many pairs can one have? '-)
    Wishing you and the SP safe travels and sunny skies while in SC. So close, but yet far away.

  3. Aw! I hope the sun shines for you at Hilton Head! It looks like you have the packing plan JUST RIGHT!

  4. I hope you have a fabulous time! I love the way you have decorated your bags. All across the southern US we have had weird weather this year. But you will have fun, even in the rain.

  5. Maggie dear, that's one fabulous suitcase - as you say, among the sea of basic black the airport carousel will be a breeze for you! Love your clothes, especially those zebra hi-tops. I love Converse sneakers but find them too heavy to pack so wear them for travel sometimes. Haven't tried Toms - do they run to size and are they wide? I need narrow but doubt they make different widths.

    I want so much for the weather to improve soon for your visit - it has been such a long, cold winter here in the southeast. Hopefully just another week or so will bring a warming trend this way and you can enjoy some beach walking etc.

    Did you find out about the mailing for your magazines?

    Hugs - Mary

  6. You look well organized with the packing, all colour coordinated for layering so you should be warm enough and if you're lucky and have some warm sunny days you can strip the layers off. That valise must be a show stopper when you're travelling. Enjoy your trip whatever the weather.

  7. Well, it looks like a perfect set up to get you ready to go for your holiday -- and I know you will have a glorious time! How organized you are! I should take packing lessons from you!

  8. My husband was at HHI for a business conference once and as he travelled there his suitcase went somewhere else, hoping you will not have that problem.

  9. Have a good journey, Maggie. We cruised a week in the Caribbean the first part of January, it sure is nice to get away. Come see if you decide to drop down to the Houston, Texas, area. We are a bit warmer down here.

  10. Hope you enjoy your stay in Hilton Head, no matter the weather!
    Well, yes, I do believe you'll be able to recognize your awesome suitcase!

  11. I have know idea what weather at Hilton Head can be like since it is probably at leaset 2,500 miles away. I do hope it behaves for you. Yes layers. If you need snow boots and a parka, you can always buy them. We would love read about your adventures.

  12. Oh have a wonderful trip to Hilton Head! ~ Wish I was going ~ later will do a road trip to find a 'winter escape' from here next year ~!
    Packing to me is 'to keep it simple' ~ Have a great time!

    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  13. I love your choices of shoes, but then I have a pair of sparkly purple Converse shoes, which I wear to go dancing. Have a wonderful trip.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  14. Eyecatching post...there's always the chance of shopping for forgotten/needed items. Wishing you an awesome time♪

  15. I'm just a little bit jealous of your destination. Enjoy!

  16. Those Converse shoes are soooo cooollll!!!!!

  17. Packing for variable weather sure isn't easy! Good luck!

  18. Ohhhh you are coming back!! How wonderful--- I hope you have a fabulous trip. Remembering our visit:)

  19. Enjoy your trip! Such a beautiful part of the country!
    Miss Bloomers


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