Monday, 2 February 2015

Rubbish Tuesday #37

You never know who you're going to meet at a party, do you?
Last week I was one of Vicki's volunteers when she hosted the Grow Your Blog Party 2015.
Click here if you missed my party post.
One blog visit led to another blog.
I got caught up in the lives and pastimes of hundreds of bloggers new to me.
I signed up to follow about 50% of them.
And discovered some new weekly meme's.
Somewhere along the way I met EGCameraGirl 
who lives in East Gwillimbury, Central Ontario, Canada.
She takes amazing photographs,visit her blog to see a beautiful old house in her town.
Wouldn't it make a wonderful Bed and Breakfast?

Vintage Morris Minor Estate car spotted in Anglesey, North Wales.

She has linked that post to Rubbish Tuesday hosted by Roan @ Rubbish By Roan.
"Anything old and/or deteriorating" 
As an avid brocanteur, 
a lover of antiques;
all things vintage; shabby chic; chippy; preowned and quirky

Carousel in Courselles sur Mer, Normandy.

 Rubbish Tuesday is the perfect place for me to share
 photographs of things and places that have caught my eye "just because".
Here's just a few.

French metal garden furniture and planters @ Chateau des Ravalet, Tourlaville, Normandy, garden show.


  1. Maggie, I'm visiting from Rubbish by Roan. What a delightful blog you have. So glad I stopped by. I've got to show your shot of the Morris Minor to my hubby who loves old cars. Great pictures. I'll be back. Have a lovely week.

  2. I want to grow my blog! I'd love to learn more!!

  3. I Wouldn't call any of those items rubbish I'd say vintage .You take me back many years with the car, my Mr France had one like that when we met, it was pale blue & if I remember rightly it was known as the Morris 1000 Traveler. We didn't have it long, as we got married and couldn't afford a car as we were saving for our house & furniture, That Rubbish by Roan sounds like a fun blog to join.

  4. No rubbish with the first two! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. looks like you love treasures so rubbish tuesday is a great one for you to join in on! :)

  6. You may fit the definition but I wouldn't call a one of those rubbish! Lovely!

  7. Fun new memes! Just what I need, Maggie. '-)
    Will check out these new to me blogs. Thanks!

  8. Hi, Maggie...that old car is awesome...we would call it a "WOODY". And the metal furniture is great, just vintage but not rusted.

  9. I see nothing rubbish-like about your picture!!! I love that sort of stuff! :)

    I'm going to go check out your post. I've enjoy learning about bloggers through these sort of features. And when you get a chance, can you tell me how you learned to do the Pinterest button that hovers?

    Thank you, dear!

    Jane xxx

  10. Love both your car and that carousel . Both are really amazing! It has been fun meeting all of the new folks from GYB. such a great event and way to meet new bloggers.

  11. wow love the 'rubbish' you shared today.

  12. Oh, such lovely images. Love the old car...I have been visiting EG's her blog almost since I started blogging.

  13. Wonderful finds. Truly enjoyed seeing them, especially the car.

  14. My first car was a Morris Oxford and it was a beautiful old car. I love your Morris Minor photo. It's a real classic!

  15. That garden furniture is fun! Did you see that Mr. Badger is in Ireland? We're working on his itinerary.

  16. I love the carousel, looks like fun.
    Great pics, thanks,


  17. Rubbish Tuesday is a great place to share vintage and antique items. Most of what people post are not rubbish at al, but neat least to my eyes!

  18. If I could, and someday I might, I'll own a vehicle just like that!

  19. Love the old car and the carousel! Great finds. I enjoyed your shots and your narrative as well. It's fun to make new blogger friends! I am coming to YOUR blog for the first time, and enjoyed my visit!

  20. One blog does lead to another! Again and again. Love the vintage vehicle, the carousel, and the metal furniture! All great finds.

  21. oh my my favorite is the carousel love love love it


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