Sunday, 15 March 2015

Back in the Lowcountry once more............

We arrived on Hilton Head Thursday afternoon to find it looking  just as good as we hoped it would be.
We are easing our way into Island life, our rented condo is on the beach!
The view simply amazing.

Sipping coffee, staring through the rain on Friday
I watched pelicans flying by and a dolphin swimming.

Yesterday morning we went down to the deserted beach.
The dolphin was there again he kept us company as we walked,
 swimming close to the shore of Calibogue Sound.

Sitting on our balcony enjoying cocktails in the evening watching the sun go down.

Sunset on Hilton Head at the end of another wonderful day. 


  1. Looks a lovely place the icing on the cake would be the sun.
    Enjoy it. It's turned cold again in France.

  2. Maggie, glad your seaside vacation is lovely. I could get used to a view such as this. What a perfect way to begin a day, spend a day, and end a day. Enjoy!
    Love to you two!

  3. Maggie dear, you certainly didn't waste any time getting to the post office at HHI! Thank you so very much for the magazines that arrived yesterday - I love them both so much. Started to peruse Campagne with my afternoon cuppa and must say every single page is gorgeous. I'll do a post later.

    Glad your journey went well and that you are settled in - hopefully the weather will improve each day now that spring is almost here. I mailed your package Friday - post office said it should arrive tomorrow (Mon.).

    Have fun during your stay - thinking of you, and again many thanks for participating in the swap.
    Love, Mary

  4. Fabulous vacation. You sound so relaxed. Cocktails at dusk. The good life. Enjoy.

  5. Sounds and looks just perfect! Enjoy!

  6. I must say, your island life is looking pretty nice to me! Enjoy!


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