Friday, 3 April 2015

Canadian magazines and coconut lime cupcakes

magazines from H
The magazine swap continued throughout our vacation 
with the arrival of these glossy Canadian magazines 
sent to me by Lorrie and H (a.k.a. Pondside).
Thank you, ladies.

 magazines from Lorrie
One recipe that I couldn't wait to try once we got back to Normandy
was the one for coconut lime cupcakes from style at home.

The frosting was very rich so I omitted the white chocolate 
and as there's only two of us chez nous I halved the quantities.

Seven pretty cupcakes for the SP and I to enjoy this Easter weekend.

Joining Michael Lee @ Rattlebridge Farm for Foodie Friday and Everything Else.


  1. I love Romantic Homes. It's one of my favorites! I hope the cupcakes are tasty as can be.

  2. Happy Easter Maggie! Your cupcakes look delicious - and how smart to make half a recipe. I'd have eaten too many if they'd been on my sideboard! I am enjoying my French and British magazines, thank you!

  3. Have a blessed Easter weekend, Maggie. I love, love your buffet with the pretty yellow daffodils.

  4. Well you did well with such an array of great magazines - I love both Lorrie and H and keep trying to fit in another Western Canada trip so we can go visit with them in beautiful Victoria.

    The cupcakes must be yummy - pretty too. You have some great pieces of Emma Bridgewater 'Black Toast' china Maggie - and your hen on a nest is similar to mine!

    Easter blessings - have a special weekend.
    Love, Mary

  5. Lime Coconut. Sounds so yummy. Happy Easter.

  6. wow...those sound delicious...

  7. Halving recipes is such a good idea with just two of us. Your cupcakes and daffodils look so pretty on your sideboard. I'm enjoying the French and British magazines you sent - such a lovely way to relax for a few minutes in the midst of busy days.

  8. Those cupcakes sound great! Hoping you have a lovely Easter!

  9. Maggie, the cupcakes sound like my kind of sweet treat! '-) Fun idea to have a magazine swap. You picked some great swap friends.
    Happy Easter weekend!

  10. Your home looks beautiful and filled with spring! And the cupcake recipe sounds terrific -- let me know how it tastes, they're so cute!

    Sending glorious wishes for a very happy Easter!

  11. Lovely. Have a very Happy Easter. xoxo

  12. Daffodils are so lovely to have at Easter time. It would be wonderful to find some in our town but there were none for sale and we had a big snowfall this week...your cupcakes look delicious! Welcome home!

  13. Happy easter - LOVE the sound of those cupcakes - two of my fav ingreadients.

  14. Coconut lime sounds wonderful!!! I could probably eat all 7 by myself!! I'm a fool for cupcakes!
    I subscribe to the Canadian Living on my kindle-- I love that magazine:)


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