Wednesday 8 April 2015

spring trilogy. #1 Plants

Regular followers will know that every spring three things happen here at the Presbytere 
to mark the season.

 #1. New plants for the potager.

When the sun starts to shine this girl's thoughts turn to the garden and all things veggie.
This morning I played in went to the garden centre.
This afternoon I got my hands in the dirt!
The plants that I bought were all pot bound with straggly white roots emerging from the bottom
 so into larger pots they had to go.
Sean the Gardner will be here on Friday to prepare the potager 
ready for planting out these beauties.

Courgettes/zucchini 3 varieties
cherry tomatoes
choux bruxelles 
(sounds so much fancier than brussels sprouts)
Belle de Fontenay early potatoes.

To add flavour to the herb garden new ciboulette/chives and persil/parsley plants
will go in alongside the thyme and rosemary which have overwintered just fine.
Have you been out planting and got your hands dirty yet?


  1. Have fun! Our growing season is coming to an end with temperatures heating up and dusty days where everything is just covered in grime. Bleh! Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Good Morning Maggie, It is another rainy stormy day. We are starting to warm up so the gardens won't be that far away. My neighbor has a garden on my property so I get fresh vegetables from them for their having the garden spot. I have enjoyed catching up with you. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley@shirleystitches

  3. These look fabulous, Maggie! Too early to leave things out here but maybe soon... I'm eager!

  4. Nice Maggie! No planting yet here in dreary Illinois. I do need to get outside and do a little spring cleaning.

  5. No planting for this blogger....I'll leave it to you. My hubby is the master gardener, but he works with natural plants and flowers, not vegetables. At least not yet.

  6. Glad you're getting out into the garden. Great photos of your vegetable starts. I planted a few lettuce starters and some onions. The ciboulettes (such a pretty word) just keep growing and growing, barely dying off during the winter this year. I hope to get out there again soon.

  7. Maggie, my hands were in the dirt yesterday morning. Much to do here, but it feels good to be back working in the garden. Happy gardening!

  8. Such fun with the new plants in spring. Nothing smells as good as getting your hands in that spring soil. Happy day to you!

  9. Not yet---- but I'm getting excited about planting flowers and digging in the dirt. Still a little cool here-- but won't be much longer!!


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