Sunday, 19 April 2015

what's behind the door?

For Mosaic Monday this week 
some more photographs taken on our trip to Cyprus in February.

A collection of doors and shutters that captivated my imagination as we walked through the ancient cobbled streets and alleyways of Omodos, nestled in the beautiful Troodos Mountains.

The colour blue is synonymous with the Greek Isles of course, 
a different shade on every door.

Weather beaten and faded.
Always closed, sometimes padlocked. 

 The gardens behind them overgrown.
Rusting ironwork. 
Handles and hinges hanging off.
Each one beautiful in it's own way.

What stories could they tell?

Joining Judith @ Lavender Cottage


  1. I have never been there to greece would love too, Some day
    It was fun to see

  2. I love old doors and those colours!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. I love these photos.. Kaisercraft Blue Bay collection paper would be perfect to scrap these!

  4. all the doors are beautiful and I can only imagine the stories!

  5. What gorgeously coloured doors. They are simply wonderful and weathered. Love them all. As you've imagined - what stories could they tell!

  6. Love all the colors! How did I miss your travel posts about Cyprus? It's on my travel wish list and I'm eager to read about your journey.

  7. I can just imagine the stories behind each one and better yet the food! :)

  8. Wonderful views of the weathering of these old doors. So love the blues.

  9. Wow, gorgeous captures. I love the doors and colors.. So pretty. Thanks for sharing your visit.. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  10. These are absolutely beautiful! I especially like that green. Such charming photos!

  11. This is the palette I love most -- blue and aqua, all tones in-between and beyond. The doors are fabulous and with such mood. You have a wonderful eye as a photographer to capture interesting angles -- and all the beauty in your path.

  12. oh I love these old rustic doors. Wonderful. And they really do make you want to know what is on the other side. Thanks for sharing. I am visiting you today from Mosaic Monday. Happy travels.

  13. I absolutely love weathered doors...they have such amazing beauty and your mosaics are lovely especially the first 2....

  14. The Aqua blue door set in the house of stone is a wonderful photo. I love your artistic collages Maggie.

  15. Oh Maggie, you're a girl after my own heart!
    Beautiful doors, I love the dried, cracked faded paint patina.
    In your last image mosaic I particularly love the shutters in the centre and the old rusty knocker!
    I'm drooling...ha ha
    I can't wait to be in France in June and doors, windows, barns, gates are all on my photographic agenda!
    Plus the odd brocante too of course!
    I've asked my daughter to get the brocante publication for her area as my husband and I will have a car and enjoy tootling about the countryside where she lives!
    This is an inspiring post giving me a taste of what's to come.
    Shane x

  16. Oh My Goodness, so, so pretty. I love every single one of them and the colours would make me very happy~

  17. Oh, I LOVE all the shades of paint! It's so fun to travel with you!

  18. Absolutely beautiful colours and so wonderful captured in your photos.

  19. Maggie, Those doors are painted wonderful colors. Vibrant, electric, popping, and vintage. Enjoyed your photos. Sylvia D.

  20. I don' know where I have been that I have missed so many of your last posts. Out ot lunch, as they say here, I guess. I love the doors. When we toured Ireland, I was amazed by the variety of door colors, so popular were they are on posters and post cards. We always do wonder what lies beyond the door of such color. Yours are beautifully photographed and shared. Thanks for dropping by. I am going take a peek at your scrapping blog, now.


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