Sunday 31 July 2016

Mosaic Monday # 1

Welcome one and all to my first Mosaic Monday Linky party!

Little did I know back in September 2009 when I joined MM's host Mary @ The little Red House, with a very basic mosaic of Quimper faience items, that almost 7 years later I would taking over the reins from Judith @ Lavender Cottage.

My very first mosaic, obviously I hadn't yet learned that less is more!

Mosaic Monday has always been one of my favourite places to stop in blogland and I'm so happy to be able to be it's new host.

My second mosaic featured scenes from my beloved Hilton Head Island.
Still too crowded!

The above mosaics were created using Picasa which offers 6 mosaic templates - Picture pile; Automatic fill; Frame; Grid; Contact sheet and Multiple exposure all of them are very easy to use, perfect for a beginner.

Mosaic #3 featured even more Quimper,
the more the merrier!

By week four I had begun to take inspiration from some of the other Mosaic Monday participants and created this one using photographs taken at a local Brocante fair.

I used four large photographs and played around with frames and borders
for week 4.
Since 2009 I've added Picasa and Picmonkey apps to my repertoire although I find that I play with use Picmonkey the most.
Be warned you can waste  spend a lot of time with the Picmonkey.

I used PhotoScape to create this simple collage

then played around with it using Picmonkey

How about you, dear reader, do you have a favourite app, tips or advice you'd care to share with me and any mosaic newbies who might be thinking of joining Mosaic Monday for the first time today?


  1. Hello Maggie!
    I'm thrilled to be joining you on Mosaic Monday today fro the first time you are hosting. I've been contributing as much as possible to MM over the years from Mary to Judith and now your blog. It's one of my favorite blog events.

    Your Quimperware collection is beautiful! I've always admired that china, and your scenic photos are beautiful.

    I basically use Picasa to make photo collages so I'm also looking forward to hearing what other editing programs that others use.

    Thanks again for hosting!

    Hugs, pat

  2. Thank you so much, Maggie, for taking up the Mosaic Monday banner! This is such a great opportunity for us to connect and I am happy to take part. I have been using Picasa, but have used Pic Monkey in the past. Perhaps I'll try it again!

  3. Hello, Maggie. Thank you so much for taking up the reins in hosting Mosaic Monday. It's such a great link up. I use Picasa for making my collages, and occasionally PicMonkey. Loved seeing how your collages have evolved over time.

  4. Thank you Maggie for hosting!

    I'm new at creating collages and work with Apple. I use Fotor for Mac. It is very simple to use, therefore I like it. Tried Photoshop but it was too complicated for me. Not tried Picasa or Pic Monkey, don't know even if they work with Apple.

    Have a great 1st August week!

  5. Hello Maggie, thank you so much for hosting MM!
    Your mosaics are very beautiful and interesting, also those early ones.
    I too use Picasa for editing my photos, even though as a tool for making collages it's not the most versatile.
    Have a lovely new week and month! xx

  6. Dearest Maggie; I'm really happy to find that you started this wonderful meme♪ Your collage is gorgeous; I'm still not good at creating like yours but I'll try by using Picasa or Pic Monkey☆☆☆ haha, need more learning to do.
    Thank you SO much for your sweet comment and I'm looking forward to participating weekly☆☆☆
    Sincerely from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  7. Thank you Maggie for taking over MM, I think we've all evolved with our mosaics for the better since joining Mary when she began the meme.
    I have always liked PicMonkey the best and they just released the app last week for iPads and phones. I've played with it a bit and am pleased with the results.

  8. Hi Maggie, glad that Mosaic Monday is continuing. I use Picasa (downloaded to my computer) a lot for mosaic images but also use PicMonkey, iPiccy, Fotor and Fotojet (online versions) It just depends on how much time I have to make my images. Hope you are having a lovely day

  9. Hello Maggie, I am so happy you are taking over Mosaic Monday. PicMonkey is my favorite app to use, it is so easy to use. Thanks for being the host! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  10. Oh Maggie, as always, your photos are wonderful. I love each one (but especially the Quimper!) And I like both picmonkey and pixlr express (and picassa) depending on the style I want.

  11. Thank you again Maggie for hosting . It's great to learn from you and your mosaics are all beautiful. I must confess to being an eternal beginner as I am still only using Picassa just as I was when I started on this fun meme.

  12. So happy to see Mosaic Monday back - and thank you for hosting it. Love the review of your mosaics from the beginning. I've used Picasa, ipiccy, picmonkey, fotor, and now I've found pizap - which might be a new favorite - no uploading photos for pizap - you just pick each photo for each space right from your file in your computer - or instagram - and it takes a lot less time. All the collage makers are free too - which is extra nice.

  13. Thank you Maggie for taking up Mosaic Monday, very much appreciated. I use PicMonkey for my mosaics.

  14. Mosaic Monday was always a favorite blog party for me, so nice you are hosting now Maggie. Love your mosaics, especially the cows. I love PicMonkey, could spend a lot of the day there!
    Happy week...

  15. I've always loved this link party and started off with Little Red House....thank you for taking over the party....

  16. Hi Maggie! I loved hearing your history with Mosaic Monday and getting a peek at your very first mosaics! I am looking forward to joining the party again. Thank you again for taking over the reigns!

  17. Maggie, sorry to be late. Have been away and just returned home to computer access.
    Beautiful mosaics. Thank you for taking on this party. One of my favorites!

  18. Very cool, Maggie..and thank you for the picasa tips! I have used the collage but not this. Cerelle

  19. Hello Maggie. I would say that your first Mosaic Monday is a success. Thank you for hosting. I need MM to keep me on schedule. I don't think I missed a Monday with Judith once I got started. I loved it. For my mosaics I use mostly Picasa. I've tried PicMonkey, but don't want to spend money to upgrade. I signed on to another one and now can't remember which one, but ended up with virus on my lap top that I was sure came as a result of that ap. I do use PhotoCollage on my iPad, which I like very much. It has a nice variety of templates. But mostly I like Picasa. Nothing fancy. I find collages to be a nice way of showing more images at one time instead of a long list photos. Anyway, we will have fun, won't we.

  20. I love that cow collage ♥

  21. I am thrilled that you have kept this going! It's always been my favorite linky party of the week. I feel sad that I missed the first week but I'll be ready for the next one! YAY! Wish I could give you a GREAT BIG HUG...Diane


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