Sunday, 7 August 2016

Mosaic Monday # 2. Home grown is best.

Welcome to Mosaic Monday #2, thanks to everyone who participated last week for sharing beautiful mosaics and lots of mosaic making expertise.
Looking through your comments I saw that like me you mostly like to use Picasa and PicMonkey although some of you are a bit wary of the chimp!
Riitta is new to mosaic making, she's using Fotor for Mac and queried if Picasa or PicMonkey work with Apple.
A quick google search later and I think the answer's yes. Riitta, if you decide to try them out do let us know.
Other, new to me, app's mentioned were iPiccy; Fotojet; pixirexpress; pizap and photocollage on iPad.
I've not strayed far from home for my collection of mosaics this week.

clouds captured on our Sunday walk

despite heavy rain this week the potager is looking good.
clockwise from top left
flat leaf parsley; stripy courgettes; mixed salads; dwarf yellow haricot beans; courgette flowers; rosemary & lettuces.

the field next door got some new occupants this week when three heavily pregnant heifers appeared,
the last time a calf was born in there Farmer Neighbour told me "c'est un erreur"!
maybe this year there'll be 3 erreuers?
their "field mates" can only look on bemusedly from the adjoining field.
we met the two cream coloured mums in the last photo on our walk yesterday and very contented they looked too.


  1. Home grown is definitely best! :) Lovely collages - your veggies look beautiful and tasty. It was very interesting to read about mosaic making tools and apps the participants use.
    Thank you for hosting MM! Have a lovey new week!

  2. Hello Maggie, it's almost off to bed time here, so I'll comment quickly and come back tomorrow to visit the others. I love your Normandy cow photos - I so admired them when we were in France, but never got any good photos. You are right, homegrown is so very tasty! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Such beautiful clouds and blue sky, Maggie. I also loved seeing yourgarden and Normandy Cows. Summer looks good in France!

  4. Hello Maggie - another Islander here who has stayed up late to link. I will be back in the morning to enjoy the mosaics and read the posts. I liked the shots of your growing garden - I never say 'no' to zucchini, no matter the jokes about them. I have a great recipe for zucchini chocolate cake!

  5. I'm having trouble linking my post to your blog, it tells me the link widget is not allowed on this website. Not sure what I'm doing wrong! Best wishes anyway.

  6. thanks so much for hosting this party....

  7. Your pottage is doing so well. Love the cloud mosaic. Thanks for hosting. B x

  8. I love your potager collage. The green frames are so appropriate! And thank you so much for your answer concerning Picasa and Picmonkey / Apple. In the autumn when I have more time, I shall try them.

    Wishing you a lovely week Maggie!

  9. Lovely cloud photos with the clear blue sky. I'm sure you are enjoying lots of lovely veggies from your potager.

  10. Hello, your homegrown veggie garden is looking beautiful. I love the sky mosaic and the pretty clouds. The neigbor's cows are cute, I would be checking them out a lot for photos. Picmonkey is my main mosaic maker but I also used PiZap for the first time. Thanks for hosting! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  11. What great mosaics - I like trying out the different mosaic sites - but picmonkey seems harder to use and is exceptionally slow for me - though the types of collages available are great. Love your "neighbors" - great photo opportunities.

  12. I have tried lots of editors but usually use's quick and easy. Love your mosaics and LOTS of hugs for hosting my favorite party! Happy Mosaic Monday! Hugs, Diane

  13. Love the clouds and the cows! Veggies fresh from the garden -- lucky you! Happy Mosaic Monday and thanks for hosting!

  14. Hi Maggie! The skies are beautiful. Love seeing all your homegrown goodies in your garden. How nice to enjoy fresh veggies and herbs. It's been quite a while since I've joined in for Mosaic Monday. Thank you for taking over the hosting of this fun meme. Hope all is well in France for you and yours!

  15. Thank you Maggie for sharing your garden and those wonderful neighbour's cattle. Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday, very much appreciated.

  16. Hi Maggie,

    That is such a gorgeous blue sky with the swirly clouds, your potager looks really good. I LOVE the cow mosaic; the brown and white spotted cows are so interesting. I don't think we have that breed here in the southeast U.S. Loved your story about the "error." What a hoot! I took four years of French many years ago in high school. I remember some, but my husband and I have been doing French lessons on the Rosetta Stone DVD's. We both have a lot to learn! :-D

    Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday and have a great week!



  17. Errors or not, little babies in the field next door should make for some lovely photos.
    Your pottager is looking very healthy and I'm interested in dwarf yellow beans - they would be perfect for my small veggie garden.
    Thanks for hosting Maggie.

  18. Your garden looks great Maggie! I'm terribly uneducated and know no other languages, but I assume the farmer meant "a mistake". If so, I hope all of this year's surprises are healthy! They are pretty cows. Thank you for hosting!

  19. Hello! Beautiful garden and lots of energy, colors and amazing aspects from nature! I enjoyed to have a look at the blue sky with clouds! I love courgettes! Many thanks for sharing them with us!
    Have a great week ahead and lovely time at Mosaic Mandays!

  20. Hi Maggie, Your garden is looking bountiful. With our extreme heat wave most gardens here are drying away. This week I used Ribbet to make the peach mosaic.
    Thanks for hosting MM………...

  21. I like your clouds! And the cream-colored cows.

  22. Your mosaic is lovely, Maggie. I think we've been thinking on the same line with clouds! Aren't they pretty?

  23. Lovely, Maggie. Between being out of town and having Susan and John here, I didn't get a post together. I'll be there next Monday. Sorry to have missed. ;-)
    You know I love the cows!

  24. Such beautiful mosaics ...
    I've enjoyed my visit, thank you

    All the best Jan


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