Sunday, 17 September 2017

Mosaic Monday alert - fail to prepare, prepare to fail

This quote is one I used often whilst organising events for the Quimper  Club it's a quote I should have remembered when preparing my MM post this week.
Wifi gremlins have struck the Presbytere and we cannot connect to the internet.
I'm using my iPhone now to let you know that there is a problem and unless it is fixed today (our service provider can't be sure it will be) Mosaic Monday will not be happening tomorrow.
So sorry!
I hope to be back later to say as is well and that MM will go ahead as usual.
Watch this space!


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Maggie.

  2. Good luck with your internet. I hate it when that happens!

  3. These things happen. Hope you can get connected soon, Maggie.

  4. Oh I hate when that happens to me .... how did we ever live all those years without the Internet ;>))) so appreciate your letting us know. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Ah, technology is wonderful, until it fails...
    Hope you're surfing the ether again soon, Maggie.
    My post:

  6. That's a real nuisance Maggie.

  7. Thanks for letting us know - hope you're back on line soon!

  8. Take Care.


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