Sunday, 10 September 2017

Mosaic Monday # 53 - life lately.............

There's been a shift in the rhythm of life lately, we no longer wake at first light to a boisterous dawn chorus instead it's the Angelus bell ringing out loud and clear at 7.00 a.m. that disturbs our sleep. One look out of the bedroom window confirms that it's still dark outside and there's a distinct chill in the air. Autumn is on her way.

And so our day begins, tea is sipped from pretty Emma Bridgewater mugs, newspapers are opened and the radio is tuned to BBC Radio 4.
Elsewhere in the world in Mexico, the Caribbean and the United States, life lately has become a nightmare for hundreds of thousands of people. Their lives devastated by hurricanes and tropical storms tearing their homes apart and making them refugees in hours if not minutes.
In Florida 7 million people have been ordered to evacuate out of the path of Hurricane Irma. With Hurricane Jose fast on Irma's heels it may be some time before they can return home.
Fires continue to ravage the Columbia River Gorge National Park in Oregon meanwhile California has declared a state of emergency in three counties as wildfires burn uncontrollably.
On the other side of the world Nepal, India and Bangladesh have experienced the worst flooding in over a decade with thousands of people killed, homes and livelihoods decimated.
Another refugee crisis looms.
In the face of all these man made and natural disasters it's hard to write a frivolous little blog post about life here in my Normandy bubble.

Some of our friends who join us for Mosaic Monday each week live in Oregon, Texas, Florida, India and the Caribbean, my thoughts are with them and their families,
I so hope that they're all safe.


  1. There are so many who are struggling these days. I debated writing a post at all, but then I thought that normality is something to treasure. There will be many adjustments in the days to come and I know that I will be looking for the best ways to help.
    Autumn is indeed upon us - there's a definite change in the air. Thanks for hosting MM, Maggie. I hope your week is a good one.

  2. The world that can be have news shared in minutes has become a whirling terrible news fear filled place that sometimes is not as it is reported and sometimes the reports are so very vividly true.

    Taking a moment or more to gaze on your header photo and join in with others who join in with you for your 53rd Mosaic Monday gives a brief respite and is very much appreciated.

    We have had two autumn like days - one with rain - and the air and sky have been cleaned from the smoke haze that has been oppressive over the past several weeks. For that I am very grateful.


  3. Maggie, it has been stressful here of late to say the least. My family who came from Houston have now returned and are faced with a long journey ahead. Their home had 4' of water, and both of their cars were totaled. They will be in an apartment while their home is rebuilt. They spent the past week cleaning out and tearing out the wet damaged first floor of their home. Reconstruction will hopefully begin soon, but I suspect it will likely be a year before they are back in their home.
    Trying to keep calm as yet more storms are leaving a path of destruction, but concern for all makes it difficult. My post this week is simply sharing some baking. Seems a calming activity to stay busy and away from the news reports. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Maggie-

    Never feel that your blog is not significant-life goes on and we all need a sense of normalcy when our world goes awry. And blogging offers a great way to stay in touch and get news from others, case in point, Sarah's comment.

    So good to see your post, I am soooooo behind! I, too, feel the haziness we seem to get in fall, mostly later in the afternoon.

    Baking sounds good- we are having cooler temps here in Chicago.

    All the best,


  5. My thoughts and prayers to the victims of the catastrophic events worldwide, too. Climate patterns have changed to more extremes. On the other hand, nice to know the signs of autumn in your part of the world. September in Japan is still summer. Sometimes I think of large ear quakes which Japan is prone to or (test) missiles flying over Japan, but I enjoy each moment of this season with gradual cooling.


  6. We have family in Houston, but fortunately, they escaped the wrath of the weather and their house is safe. It's highly distressing to see the scale of the destruction wreaked by the wild weather. Climate change is happening, and still we hear the strident voices of the deniers...
    Enjoy the mild Autumn weather in your part of the world, Maggie.

  7. I agree - so much to think about - so many people impacted by horrific events. We struggle to go on with our normal lives - helping others when we see the opportunity - and there are plenty of opportunities around these days. Plus in the US today is the day all our lives changed forever - 9-11 - a day we cannot forget. We honor those who lost their lives, either fleeing or working to save others - it seems as though our world has gone mad - but then we try to remain as normal as possible for those still here - those fighting daily battles on a personal or worldwide level.

    Autumn has begun to appear here also - leaves scattered about on the deck, birds beginning to flock up for migration, cooler weather and finally some rain. Enjoy your week ahead - winter is not far behind and we'll see what that brings. I hear there is snow forecast for Montana, which hopefully will stop some of the wildfires there.

  8. I very much enjoyed all your gorgeous images ... I hope that fall is on the way. That would mean hurricane season is almost over! Thank you for you kind thoughts. It is obvious that Gaia, Mother Nature - is not a happy woman......
    Thanks for hosting and Happy Monday!

  9. It is so sad to know that there are many sufferers of natural disasters these days.I am deeply sorry about the disasters.

    Now I remember that so many people over the world sent encouraging words to the Japanese victims through blogs when the biggest earthquake hit Japan, and many people were killed by the high Tsunami. It still deeply remains in my heart.

    I am glad to read Snap's comment here now. She is safe and fine!!!

    Your new header photo is so lovely.I like it. Thank you for hosting,Maggie.

  10. Oh, yes, we're all saddened by the present world condition. But I keep all those victims of calamities in my prayers. And I have hope that the horrible things that are happening in the world today will be completely eliminated.
    Thank you for yet another week of hosting. Have a wonderful week!

  11. Maggie - thanks for your thoughtful comments. Posting may seem frivolous, to use your word, but it gives us all hope that there is 'normal' elsewhere. Also, your 'normal' is more proof that the Earth is resilient ... life persists! I can underline that Autumn is here - it was 38 degrees Fahrenheit here this morning!!! Thanks again for hosting MM - I missed it!!!

  12. Sounds so wonderful. I love your beautiful mosaic this time. Well, every time. But so peaceful. After our crazy weather weekend and the rest of the weirdness in the world this is just what I needed.

  13. Hi Maggie, I understand completely your sentiments about the tragedies which are going on around the world at the moment, plus nearer to where I live the North Korean threat. All we can do is keep doing what we are doing and pray for the world. And that our family and friends stay safe where ever they are in the world.

  14. Oh how very sad, I evidently did not remember the time that the meme closed was so soon after it starts. I would have looked up what time it is there as apposed to here. I have been busy with my daughter and her husband who fled Florida and Hurricane Irma and did my post dedication for that. Oh well...
    Have a wonderful week Maggie. I see that your post was also thinking of so many from natural disasters, and it has kept my thoughts for them, lifted up. Take care~

  15. This was my missed post Maggie for this week and the dedication to all in harms way of so many disasters.

  16. Missed out on joining this week as we just gat back home. I'll save it fir next week.

  17. Dearest Maggie; Oh every time I hear about natural disasters, how little we humans can do. My thoughts are for all the people affected!
    Well, thoughtful of you with beautiful images And Thank you so much for come back hosting this wonderful meme.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  18. It IS hard to imagine the devastation. Praying.

  19. Early Autum/late summer looks beautiful in Normandy. I have to say that last weekend seemed a little like Armageddon -- looking out at smoky skies here in Oregon while watching Hurricane Irma come ashore very near our winter home in Florida ... which is why i couldn't do my usual 'life is good' post. I do think many of us use blogging as our 'happy place' and, while we have (or most of us do anyway) deep feelings and strong opinions on certain subjects , we just don't choose always to air them on this particular platform. I think there's something to be said for sharing good news and bringing smiles. Lord knows we need them.

    I'll be back this next week -- and p.s., our little Florida 'cottage' survived!


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