Sunday 1 October 2017

Mosaic Monday # 55 - S is for..............................

Trying to be organised and not swamped by the enormous number of photographs sitting on my phone I recently sifted through them looking for blog inspiration and discovered that in September the subjects that most caught my eye began with the letter S!
Just a coincidence, I wonder?
S is for September and also for sky; sunrise; sea; sand; ships (well boats really); shellfish and shadows.
Here are just a few............................

on a house wall, a field of maize and a simple stone calvaire

at this time of year we experience stunning sunrises

sea fishing 2 ways
shellfish 2 ways

After being mainly wet and cold September finally treated us to some lovely fine days which we made the most of.
Walks on the beach and al fresco dining are two of our favourite pastimes, in picturesque Port en Bessin we often indulge in both.

17th September saw the start of the hunting season here in Dept. 14, Calvados.
As I've often mentioned before M'selle Fleur is not a fan of loud noises so we are trying our very best to avoid country walks which we know from past experience will make life less stressful.
I captured this big blue sky on a visit to a quieter, more peaceful, location earlier in the month.

A favourite lane to wander down in summer but definitely one to be avoided when the shooters are out, no matter how inviting the shadows may be.

and that's a wrap for September.


  1. Hi Maggie - what a wonderful collections of 'S' pictures for September. I am enjoying the cooler weather, rain (which we dearly need) and the garden care that autumn brings - trimming and digging and cleaning gardens and flower beds. Thank you for your wonderfully restful header photo and for your 55th Mosaic Monday.

  2. I will take seagoing and shellfish any way at all! Please. Beautiful S is for September remembrances. I am with Mlle Fleur, I hate loud noises, especially from hunting. We used to hear bird hunters shooting when we stayed out at the Lake here in Oregon. Not fun.

  3. Such a beautiful collection of images beginning with S! Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday! Hope you find peace and quiet during hunting season!

  4. Beautiful collection of S. Wishing you all the best for October.

  5. Special images for September, Maggie!
    Thanks for hosting!

  6. Such a great way to show photos for Sept! I love those colorful skies and the seashells are my favs! I posted my bread recipe today! I hope you can make it and that you like it! Happy MM! Hugs, Diane

  7. PS: I've unashamedly stolen your September mosaic idea, Maggie, to create a tessellation... :-)

  8. I recall trying to evade the hunters when staying at my brother's home in the Languedoc a few Autumn's ago! Bob and I were wandering through a vineyard when two men in camo carrying rifles suddenly appeared from the rows of vines, an exchange of "bonjour" and they walked on - a bit scary to say the least!
    Lovely comforting country/seaside photos on yet another very, very sad day here in America.
    Thank you Maggie x

  9. Walks on the beach, eating alfresco and a country lane. Sounds perfect to me. It's hard to get through all that photo sorting isn't it! Have a wonderful week and thank you again for the link up.

  10. All lovely "S" themed photos today, Maggie! I lived by the Atlantic Ocean for most of my life, so beachy scenes are so cozy and familiar to me and bring back wonderful summer memories.

  11. A beautiful S blog indeed! How nice that you've had lots of these S's there in September. In our place, the sun didn't shine much, but most we had was shadow. At least, I had 3 S here. :-)

  12. Wonderful images and words celebrating the S's of September! Those moules look wonderful! I hope October gives you much more sunshine and happy days.

  13. Love the skies, the ships, the shells -- everything! Beautiful Ode to September. Happy Monday and thanks for hosting! (Now thinking about "O" for October!!!!!!!!!!)

  14. Gorgeous photos, Maggie. I'll link again next week. Life has consumed my time lately. '-)

  15. Maggie - what a clever post! My favorite photo is the seashore - the water is so clear I can see the shells! I hear you about the hunters - we have adjusted our hiking locations to go only to those areas where hunting is prohibited!

  16. Lovely images! Looks like you had a beautiful month.

  17. Your world looks so very beautiful to me. Seaside and sheep, two of my favorite things of all time!

    I have to clean off pix from my computer. I have too many that just aren't as good as the ones I took later. And I could use the space!

  18. Your photos are always so uplifting, Maggie...that slow life surrounded by ocean and fields. The path you take is so peaceful-despite the hunting. Hunting season is only in December in the woods next to our cottage in Michigan. I cringe at the sound of the shotguns, but we have an overwhelming number of deer who are wandering hither and yon. At one point several years ago, pairs of coyotes were released to keep that population down. They scare the heck out of me and we have to be protective of our pets. Sigh.

    I read your last post as well. I used to bake bread quite a bit. I leaned to make a huge quantity at once, as it goes fast. I need to get back in that mode, especially since it's just my husband and I. The machine sound interesting...enjoy!

    Jane x

  19. Maggie, What a great collection of photos. I love the sun photos. I'm glad you had a few nice days in September. Sylvia D.

  20. Hi Maggie from me in Canada, what a treat for me to see photos of your neck of the woods. Loved it all!


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