Sunday 8 October 2017

Mosaic Monday # 56 - La Maison du Biscuit

On Tuesday, as the weather was fine the Senior Partner and I decided to ditch the idea of working in the garden and go visit La Maison du Biscuit  which is situated about an hours drive north from us on the Contentin Peninsula in the small hamlet of Sortosville-en-Beaumont.
Our friend, Sean the Gardener, had raved about this unique one of a kind café and food emporium when he was over here working last month.
He said he knew it was the kind of place that I would love.
A House of Biscuits, really, what's not to love?

As you approach the building the eye is drawn to the beautifully crafted façade which resembles a street of small independent shops as they might have appeared at the turn of the 20th century.

However, the construction is not as old as it first appears.
Although generations of the Burnouf Family have been in business in Normandy as bakers and patissiers since 1903 La Maison du Biscuit was established in 1990 by descendants of the original baker, Paul Burnouf.

Click here to read the family's full history.

Once inside the visitor is free to wander through the various downstairs rooms which are filled to bursting with delicacies of every sort.
It isn't possible to tour the production kitchens due to health and safety regulations but everywhere you turn you can see the results of their endeavours.

Caramel cookies using caramel d'Isigny the birthplace of Walt Disney's ancestors!

The décor is amazing, it's as if the eclectic furniture and ephemera of several turn of the century homes has been gathered together to furnish the spaces, creating lovely vignettes and displaying the goods for sale "the old fashioned way".

I really enjoyed showing you around the Maison du Biscuit today, hope all the photographs didn't exhaust you?

Tell you what let's head to the tearoom for some tea and biscuits whilst I tell you about a little giveaway attached to this post.......................................

One of my collages today is of three recipes, handwritten in chalk on black slate.
If you mention in your comment what those three recipes are I'll put your name into the draw for this pretty "torchon recette de macaron" (tea towel printed with a recipe for macaroons) which came home with me after our visit.

The winner's name will be announced in next weeks MM post.
Bon chance!


  1. What a fun place - how in the world would you ever choose what to buy - I'd want one of everything. I love the recipes for Macaron, Meringues and Madeleines,I even know what they are and have actually baked all of them - not necessarily from these recipes - but from similar ones (and in English LOL). I'd never manage them in French. I really enjoyed all of the photos - it was such a fun tour. And the family history was so interesting. Happy week ahead - maybe I'll do some baking.

  2. Macarons, Meringues, and Madeleines ~ all favorites here!
    Maggie, this looks like a fabulous place to visit. I like the clever design of the building and would love to browse all those goodies within. I'm hungry just looking at all these images! Thanks for taking us along and sharing the history of this company. Thanks for hosting Mosaic Monday!

  3. I really enjoyed accompanying you, Maggie. Not only my eating appetite but also all my senses were stimulated. I like the way all the shops and displays look antique. I’m sure this is the place not to make visitors leave empty-handed.


  4. What a charming and delicious place to visit Maggie! Macarons, Meringues and Madeleines were the recipes on the chalkboard---all sound so divine!

  5. Oh wow, what am amazing place! My goodness, it would be so hard not to go overboard buying all these delicious goodies. I took a look at that chalk board because I saw there was a recipe for Madeleines, which I have never made, but unfortunately I don't speak French! However - macarons, meringues and madeleines - all sound delicious! Have a fabulous week, thank you for taking us along to his glorious place, and for the link up.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this amazing cafe through your eyes. What a feast for the eyes. The little shopping area does look old--they did a good job creating it.

  7. Great post, Maggie. How can one resist all those goodies? The French really can cook, but it's the patisserie that I love.
    Some Southern Hemispheres Spring roses for you.

  8. What a lovely afternoon that must have been. Any one of those goodies would warrant a specialty shop all of its own over here. I am off now to read the family history.

  9. I embiggened the blackboard picture when I first saw it because I thought at first glance those were recipes and I wanted to double check... because giving those out seems like such a great thing for a Bakery to do. Interested because bought and tasted my very first Macaron only a couple of weeks ago at the French bakery near us. So good, although I’m sure the ones at your ‘House of Biscuits’ are better! (Oh, before I forget, Madeleines and Meringues were the other two delicacies.).
    The whole shop looks like the most wonderful place to browse and buy! All those lovely nooks and corners to discover... I particularly loved the buffet filled and topped with lavender and purple jars of deliciousness...but there wasn’t a single picture that did not look tempting. Thanks for the fun tour and for hosting, as always. (But I probably shouldn’t have read this before breakfast ...which is definitely not going to measure up!)

  10. Dearest Maggie,
    I've been missing you and your wonderful blog posts so much during my absence, cherished friend !

    Sincerely grateful for all the Beauty you always share,
    I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you

    XOXO Dany

  11. What a delicious place to visit. I'm sure you enjoyed your thé et biscuits very much! It looks like a fun place to browse.
    The recipes are for Pistachio Macarons, Little Almond and Pistachio Meringues, and Honey and Raspberry Madeleines. Yum!
    Sounds like you made a great decision to ditch the gardening and go for cookies instead!

  12. Oh, Maggie! La Maison du Biscuit looks like a wonderful place. I could definitely get lost there ... where to start!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you enjoyed the adventure. Happy Monday!

  13. What a unique place - everything looks beautiful and scrumptious.
    I'd be really with a bag of madeleines!
    Thank you Maggie,enjoy your evening,

  14. That's really a very appealing cafe! And all those mouth-watering goodies are so tempting! I would love to visit a cafe like that. Thanks for showing us this lovely place.

  15. Macarons, Meringues and Madeleines....are you going to throw mine out for misspelled words? heehee! It does look like a charming place! I read so many books set in your part of the world, that I actually know a biscuit isn't a quick bread made with buttermilk! Happy MM Hugs!

    1. Laurie gets the prize...she wrote them out properly! Hugs!

  16. Too good an offer to pass up! Pistachio Macarons, Almond Pistachio Meringues and Honey Raspberry Madelines. They all sound delicious but to make them at home....?

  17. Maggie - I am very proud of you for ditching your plan and going with your whim! The shop is indeed "bursting with delicacies" - I love poking around these types of places for unique gifts. And it is a bonus to look at the beautiful furniture that is being used in different ways to display the goods - sometimes it gives me ideas for decorating my home. To join in the contest: Macarons, Meringues, Madeleines. Have a wonderful week!

  18. The shop facades are so inviting & beautiful. In the inside there is much to choose from. Beautiful photos & mosaics. Wishing you a nice week Maggie.

  19. What a wonderful giveaway, Maggie! Thank you for offering it. I actually noticed that photo first time around -- didn't have to go back because I studied it so hard to see if I could translate the recipes for Macarons, Meringues and Madeleines (my nemesis!) into English and give them a try, so I'd love to enter.

    Now. to the business of loving this post -- oh, I do! Should I make it to Normandy again someday, I would love to visit this one. I could do all my shopping right there for holidays and bring backs! It truly is so charming!


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