Sunday 22 April 2018

Mosaic Monday # 82 - a surprising few days

The biggest surprise here this past week has been the scorching weather we've been experiencing since Tuesday, making this the hottest April in Normandy since records began.
It was lovely to sit outside midmorning Wednesday with a cup of coffee browsing through a gardening magazine and planning which herbs to grow.
In the afternoon the SP surprised me with these sweet treats.
Thursday brought another lovely surprise, the cows came back to their summer home in the field next door.
The house martins which take up residence in the nests that previous families have made, in the rafters over the garage, arrived too making Thursday extra special.
They fly so fast and the nests are so up high that it's impossible for me to photograph them.
image courtesy RSPB

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Website
On Saturday morning we enjoyed petit dejeuner outside before heading off to a vide grenier in a nearby town, in the afternoon the temperature climbed to 28 C that's over 82 F!
I didn't uncover any hidden gems at the vide grenier but there were lots of pots and rusty old tools to be had if I'd needed any.
Early evening brought a terrific downpour followed by thunder and lightening and more rain.
Sunday was cooler so we decided to take a trip to the beach for our walk, there were quite a few tourists about taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the forecast for the coming week however is for temperatures closer to those which we normally expect in April.

Look how green everything is.....................

Wishing you a week full of blue skies and sunshine.


  1. It's all looking very beautiful, Maggie. Isn't it lovely to sit outside and enjoy the warmth again. 28 degrees is very hot, and I'm sure you're glad that it cooled down a bit to more normal temps. We've had 14 weeks of below average temperatures here, but are looking forward to a warmer week ahead. We'll take it! Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday once again.

  2. Such weird weather we are having. We had storms over the weekend, and we got wet planting out some new plants, but back to beautiful sunshine this week. This week of course is Anzac Day on Wednesday. I guess you have commemorations in Normandy? Enjoy spring!

  3. Always Maggie, thank you for sharing snippets of your days and for your 82nd Mosaic Monday.

  4. Hi Maggie
    It sounds like you had a little preview of summer! Everything looks so bright and green and lovely. We had a little snow this weekend but it melted very quickly and was welcome moisture for our very dry climate. Some of our trees are budding with flowers and my daffodils are up, so it feels very much like spring here now.

  5. Dear Maggie - There is a Japanese word “Shinryoku” which means "fresh verdure of spring". The very young leaves are light in color before becoming bright, deep green soon. I like such “shinryoku” in your photos. Our weather looks similar to yours; the past week was like summer with the hottest nearly 30 degrees C, but it will return our normal spring with the rain forecasted two days later. I can’t complain with the sunny, bright weather, but almost all the flowers have bloomed much earlier than usual.


  6. I love warm weather and summertime temps! And you sure have some beautiful green trees and grass to enjoy outside. We're getting a little rain shower right now to start the day! YAY! Happy MM!

  7. Thanks for another Monday get together here moasic style
    Have a nice Monday Maggie


  8. Maggie, The green is so wonderful. I am working on which herbs I will plant as well. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

  9. It seems we are enjoying similar weather, Maggie: You a warm Spring, and we a warm Autumn... Colour schemes are a little different though! Enjoy!

  10. Spring is beautiful around your home....and the weather /temperature sounds just like what it was here last week ...only here in Florida that is normal for this month. It is lovely that you can get to the beach easily .... that would be heavenly for me. Thank you so much for hosting.

  11. Sounds and looks just about perfect in Normandy right now Maggie! Know the beach must have been beautiful yesterday. The cows, how sweet they are peering through the fence again, I see delicious Camembert and thick cream ahead, haha!

    Enjoy each spring day as we are here in North Carolina.
    Mary -

  12. Maggie - looks like summer has almost arrived for you - I was struck by the green leaves - we are still quite a ways from that here - but as you will see in my post, the sun is strong enough on our south-facing deck to enjoy breakfast, lunch AND dinner there. Thanks for hosting MM!

  13. Lovely to see your Spring photos while we rush into Autumn, Maggie!

  14. Scorching weather - woo hoo. We are happy for you, everything looks so lush, green and beautiful. Mind you everything in life is better with sunshine, I feel don't you Maggie? Here's to a lovely summer for you.
    Happy days, thanks for hosting.
    Wren x

  15. Pleasing images! I love the light greens of spring.

  16. I love seeing this look at your wonderful week! Big smiles for spring and you!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful email. I've been beside myself for the past few days with obligations and appointments and am so behind in responding to anything but it was filled with all wonderful things and I'm eager to get back to it, dig in, and of course reply! Thank you, my friend. I'll be back with you very soon!

  17. Dearest Maggie; Oh, I had a couple of very frustrating times recently chancing swallows without any luck to take photos. They were flying over the open field (not so wide p;-); couldn't find their nest. Lovely cows and happy to see your spring pictures of green(*^.^*)
    Thank you SO much for hosting and sweet comments♪
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  18. Looks like Spring has found Normandy! Still cool here, but this early morning the sun is shinning brightly, so hopefully we will have warm day. Great cow photo--they are always fun to watch.

  19. It is difficult to be in hot climate. Nice to hear about the rain in your area. Happy to see the green leaves. You are leading a wonderful life...

  20. Good early morning here in KY, USA Maggie and I must say, it certainly takes me a bit these days to make my rounds, but I do finally arrive. I have no post so far this week, as I have been in a funk of sorts and just doing things that don't need to be done and putting aside those things that do. This morning I felt better and so you were the first stop. Your entry was full of sweet surprises and those treats your husband brought you, it's breakfast time here, but alas I am dieting for health reasons and I should think those little delicacies would not make it. I may try and put together something to post later, but I have to use my bad knee and did a few holes, to put in my Holly bushes and trees if possible today. Have a glorious weekend and sending hugs~

  21. Maggie, I intended to stop by early in the week, but my week got away from me. I've been spending most of my time ourdoors and life in general has been busy. I'm happy your temps are back to normal. We've enjoyed very pleasant temps of late. Rain is in the forecase for this next week. I hope so. It would be good for the gardens! Thanks for sharing the cows. Makes me smile thinking about your beautiful country home. Happy Spring!


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