Sunday, 27 May 2018

Mosaic Monday # 85 - Efharisto, ikos Dassia, Corfu - you were amazing!

We're back home again after our wonderful trip to the Greek island of Corfu.
On the day of departure our flight was delayed because the plane that was supposed to be waiting for us on the tarmac had been sent on a rescue mission to Turkey to bring back holidaymakers stranded there when their plane was unable to take off.
An hour and a half later we were on our way!
The flight was uneventful and after collecting our luggage we headed out to meet our driver.
During the short journey we couldn't help noticing the many closed businesses and abandoned, partially constructed, building projects and we were saddened to see how badly the downturn in Greece's economy has affected this beautiful island which held such happy memories for us from many years ago.
When we reached the town of Dassia it was obvious that the new ikos Dassia 5* hotel was beginning to bring back pride and prosperity to the area and we received a wonderful welcome from all the staff there.
Weather wise it did rain a little and there were some grey skies but the sun shone through almost all of the time and we soon found ourselves relaxing into a slower pace of life, (slower than la vie quotidienne in Normandy, if you can believe it).
Our plans to hire a car and revisit other areas of the island seemed less important as we lazed in the garden, or by the pool, reading books and sipping cocktails.
Cocktail of choice -  a cheeky retro Pina Colada!
We did stir ourselves in the middle of our stay to spend a day and an evening in old Corfu town - sightseeing, dining out and people watching, three of my favorite things to do.
I have many photographs to sift through and a couple of stories to share but for now a few snapshots of the resort and those wonderful views.


  1. Welcome back Maggie, Thanks for today's Mosaic Monday

    much love...

  2. It looks like it was a wonderful vacation! I’m glad the Island economy is beginning to recover thanks to this lovely hotel! I do understand exactly what you mean by laughing about slowing down an already slower pace of life. I love that we can do that occasionally too! Thanks for hosting and letting me link last weeks post...I will be on a blog break after today’s short post and wanted to link with MM one more time before that.

  3. Lovely post Maggie from beautiful Corfu! The rough ceramic pots are amazing, like they have emerged straight from the earth.
    Thank you - have a wonderful week,

    1. The pots have really emerged from the earth because they aren't ceramic at all, they are made of olive wood. ach one beautiful in it's individuality.

  4. Oh Maggie, I will look forward to every detail. It looks just stunning -- all that blue and wonderful water! And such a lovely welcome. Makes that half-hour delay more than worth the wait. I loved the little orange trees you showed. Can't wait to hear more!

  5. Welcome back from your trip, Magie. What a beautiful beach in Carfu!
    The air looks so fresh in the blue sky. Yes, slower space of life is important for people.
    I hope the country will find ways to regain the business again.
    It has been long since I visited Mosaic Monday the last time.
    I am glad to join you today. Have a wonderful new week.

  6. I love that big old anchor and of course the views of the sea! Lovely...idyllic! Glad you enjoyed your time away. It refreshes you to have a change of pace. Happy MM!

  7. Wonderful photos of your stay in lovely Corfu, Maggie.
    Thanks for hosting.

  8. Welcome back, Maggie. My participation on this meme is every other week, so I have wondered how far and long you went on a trip, but now I understand. Your lovely mosaics and photos made me sure that you could unwind and relax yourselves by the sea in such a pleasant, sunny weather. Especially I like the blueness of the sea.The downturn of the country’s economy is only the knowledge from the news to me, but seeing is believing, of course you must have shocked to see it in person. Wish the second wind blow for Turkey sooner.


  9. Maggie, the getaway to the Greek Islands looks tempting. I could use a week lounging by the sea! It is already HOT here, and the forecast for next week is into the triple digits. We have pleasant mornings sitting out on the terrace, but soon we will need to be back inside. Summer is here!
    Your photos are delightful. I know you and R enjoy these times away, and you two are faithful about making it happen.

  10. Maggie - glad you're back safely. Looks like an absolutely serene holiday. I can see why it might have been tough to 'stir yourself' to go anywhere! Thanks for hosting MM!

  11. Welcome back, Maggie. Your Corfu getaway sounds (and looks) like the perfect relaxing vacation with good food, wonderful views, and no obligation to do much of anything. Love the blue of the ocean.
    Those wooden pots have such character. What is growing in them? Something edible or purely ornamental?
    Your photos are lovely. I hope you are enjoying being back at home now, with lots of delightful memories of your trip.

  12. Welcome back! Your vacation resort looks very relaxing and beautiful, Maggie! I'm glad you had a good time. I hope Greece's economy improves soon. Perhaps more tourism will be a help.

  13. Welcome Home Maggie. It looks like such a beautiful place to visit, even when things change, you can find the places of the heart and your memories, possibly a little bit altered and sometimes even better than before. I look forward to seeing your future shares from this sweet journey. Thanking you always~

  14. I'd love to visit Greece, your pictures have me wishing even more! Beautiful skies and ocean, and ideal weather, who could ask for more? You and I are very much alike. I really love to unwind before I up the pace to site see. Hubby is the opposite. Sometimes I let him go off alone!

    Welcome home, looking forward to see what you have going this summer!


  15. Thank you Maggie for sharing peeks at your relaxing holiday - love the amazing pot holding an orange tree.

  16. Looks like a lovely place to take it easy!

  17. I have never visited Greece and I am sure it is my loss. Whether I will ever get there I don’t know, but I know that I would enjoy it.


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