Sunday, 10 June 2018

Mosaic Monday # 87 - a visit from friends

In the week that towns and cities across Normandy took part in splendid celebrations to commemorate the Allied invasion of France, June1944, we welcomed new friends, Elaine and Mark, to the Presbytère for the first time.
They arrived late Thursday afternoon after a tiring day of sightseeing in Bayeux, we hadn't met Mark before but he and the SP immediately hit it off and I don't think that they stopped talking, joking and enjoying each others company at all during the next day and a half.
As it was their first time in Normandy we put on our tour guide hats the following day and headed towards the coast. 
We began the tour at Pointe du Hoc and the Ranger Monument.

As we walked the site we paused to watch, silently, as a WWII veteran slowly marched to the Monument accompanied by pipes and drum. 
As he passed by I thanked him for his service.
Our next stop along the coast was the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer. The weather that day for us was misty and damp and lent extra poignancy to our visit.
A quick lunch stop in Port en Bessin for moules and frites then we headed to Arromanches and the 360 degree cinema.
They are currently showing the HD film "Normandy 100 Jours" which shows the 100 days of the Battle of Normandy on 9 screens.
That evening we sat around outside, drinking wine and sharing our memories of the day, before heading indoors for a late dinner and more lively conversation which ranged from the sublime - "best vacation ever" to the ridiculous "TV's gogglebox"! 
We certainly enjoyed sharing our little corner of Normandy with these lovely people and we hope that they come back again one day.

P.S. It wasn't possible for me to add links to either The Ranger Monument or The American Cemetery but if you're interested in learning more about either of these very interesting monuments then a quick google search is all it takes to find a link.


  1. What a lovely visit. We here in American don't have the same kind of celebrations for the special day that you do - we have forgotten the price paid and the changes made in society that day in 1944. I'm glad you had such a grand visit with your new friends.

  2. The anniversary of D-day was in the news here, and I remembered our time visiting Juno Beach and Arromanches in 2016. It does us all well to remember.
    How lovely to meet new friends and show them your beautiful corner of France. Your flower mosaic is so pretty.
    Thank you for hosting MM, Maggie.

  3. I feel the warmth of your guests, Elaine and Mark, by your pics! What lovely people to celebrate this day with you! It's always great to meet and make new friends...please come to Chicago!! :)

    Jane x

  4. There's always much to see and do in your part of the world. So much history still preserved.

  5. Hi Maggie
    How wonderful to meet new friends and be able to spend time with them on their visit. D Day was remembered here in the news. My son traveled the Normandy beaches on a trip to France years ago, and seeing your photos reminded me of his photos and experiences.
    Your flowers are lovely and make pretty mosaics!

  6. "The Allied invasion of France" this is an important event happened during the war 2.
    It is great that the commemoration has still preserved.Young generation will learn from the celebration and the history will not fade out. Always lovely to meet new good people.
    Thank you for showing those photos including the image of the American Cemetery. I am very impressed. Thank you for hosting mosaic Monday,Maggie. Have a good new week.

  7. HI Maggie, I have been away for the month of May but now I am back and blogging again. I was interested to read that you considered the Allied landing as an "invasion". We have many many Australians buried in war cemeteries across Europe and other places, including my great-uncle in Gallipoli. These young men and women paid a terrible price, but we thank them for their sacrifice. Have a great week Maggie.

    1. Hi Jill, In 1944 France was still an occupied country, unlike Italy which had surrendered to the Allies in 1943. The term "allied invasion" also known as D Day and Operation Overlord was first used by Supreme Commander General Dwight D Eisenhower and is still used in the reports of that time which one can see displayed and on film at the Memorials mentioned in my post. It is always sobering to visit any of the Normandy battlefields, when we were at the American Cemetery on Friday a group of French schoolchildren wit their teachers attended a small service of remembrance, we observed a minute's silence together and then they laid wreaths at the base of the statue "Spirit of American Youth Rising From the Waves" which I have included in my collage.

  8. Dear Maggie thanks for sharing your D Day activity with us. I had to look it up as I was not sure exactly what it was I knew it had something to do with WWII. Now I know a bit more

    Thank you for hosting. Happy Monday to you

    much love...

  9. Sounds like a wonderful time.

  10. Especially interesting coming from someone who lives in France.
    Thank you Maggie.
    Happy Mosaic Monday to you!

  11. Beautiful photos of an important commemoration and of happy times with friends, Maggie!
    (PS: Music photos in the mosaic last week were from my archives - music is another great interest of mine).

  12. I was so honoured to be there with you during such a poignant time. Thank you for hosting us..I’m sure it won’t be the last..and you’re welcome here anytime!

  13. Maggie - there are few joys in life such as finding new friends that we connect with immediately! Good for you. You live in a beautiful/historic area for touring … I think the pipes and drums, together with the veteran in that setting would have had me in tears. Have a super week, and thanks for hosting MM!

  14. You make us all wish we could come for a visit and see the sights. When I come, I could bring the roses soapdish! Enjoy your week! Happy MM!

  15. What amazing and historic places to visit! It must have been very moving to see the WWII vet walking to the monument.

  16. Maggie, how wonderful. The photo with the mist at the cemetery is so evocative and haunting. We are trying to finalize a few plans and I'll be with you shortly in email!

  17. Thank you Maggie for sharing your visit to the site of the Allied Invasion of France June 1944 and the American Cemetery.

    My pink roses are in the lower right hand corner of my post photo today - not a lot of pink but certainly a lot of hard work in the garden.


  18. Maggie, I appoloize for arriving late.
    How nice of you and the Senior Partner to welcome these guests into your home. As one who has been on the receiving end of your generous hospitality, I know they were treated to a wonderful time. I long for a return to your little corner of France. Thanks for hosting!

  19. Interesting post! The flowers are lovely. I have always felt a bit traumatized by World War II even though I was born after it was over. I think I inherited a fear from my mom, who worried after my dad and her father who were both in the service.

  20. I'm sure you'd make the best tour guide ever! That weather did certainly add to the atmosphere, we must never forget.
    Thank you for hosting.
    Wren x

  21. Wonderful place to visit!Amazing photos!

  22. Beautiful flowers, Maggie! So nice to make new friends. Normandy and WWII ... history we all should remember. Thanks for hosting!

  23. Loved seeing your post. Had no idea about your celebrations there so was nice to see. Sounds like a nice day with new friends. Followed Jar Full of Marigolds's Collage to your site.
    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles

  24. What a wonderful visit you had with your friends. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos. :) Kit


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