Sunday, 26 August 2018

Mosaic Monday # 98 - a generous neighbour

We have a very generous neighbour, I've mentioned him before, who has some wonderful fruit trees in his garden.
August is the month when he picks the plums and a few days ago the Senior Partner returned from a walk with M'selle F with a box containing some of this year's harvest.

This is the second year that we've been lucky enough to share his garden's bounty, last year I made several jars of plum jam.
This year I got busy in the kitchen and turned them into plum and preserved lemon chutney, plum compote and a delicious pudding of plum crumble.
Here's a link to the BBC good food website where you'll find the recipe for the chutney.
Like most chutneys the flavours will deepen and mature with time if you can hold off eating it that is!
We were in a hurry to try it so I served some chutney and a cooling mint and cucumber raita as condiments to the chicken curry which the SP made for dinner earlier this week.
A favourite "afters" from my childhood, plum crumble and custard is also a comforting "once in a blue moon" grown up dessert too.
What's your favourite dessert? Do you still hanker after a childhood favourite or do you have a more sophisticated palate?
I'd love to hear what delights your taste buds and satisfies your sweet tooth, I'm thinking that chocolate/ice cream will be involved for quite a few!


  1. My mouth is watering! Enjoy those plums. Wish I had a neighbor with plums ....!!!! Thanks for hosting.

  2. Not only beautiful to see but such a treasure of future treats. Thank you Maggie for your 98th Mosaic Monday.

  3. Maggie - this brings back memories from last year, when our neighbors gave us 5 pounds of plums … unfortunately for us, those neighbors have now moved to a new house - no "free" plums for us this year! So, I will have to enjoy these from you - the crumble with the custard is so ENGLISH - it wasn't until I started dating my hubby that I was treated to custard - love it on ANYTHING. Maggie - you will appreciate this - my favorite dessert for the longest time was Spotted Dick … these days, I would probably go for anything with fruit! Thanks for hosting MM!

  4. Those plums are beautiful! And I bet the ham will be delicious!

  5. Oh my those plums look scrumptious. I think I'd rather have a generous neighbor with wonderful fruit trees than have them myself. I can almost taste the jam!! But I'd be happy with just the fresh fruit.

  6. Good morning!

    I love this marmelade with Zwetschgen... I don't know the word for Zwetschgen in english language, sorry.

    New is for me the chutney recept - thank you for sharing this. I made by the way my plum marmelade without sugar... only with cinnamon and Sternanis - again a word I have to look

    Wish you a very good week,

  7. Your plum chutney and crumble sound scrumptious, Maggie! How fortunate you are to have such a generous neighbor with a plentiful plum tree. My favorite dessert is blueberry pie. I don't amke it often but when i do it is a special treat. My husband loves apple pie. I also like pumpkin pie and always have to have a few in the fall.

  8. The chutneys and raita, YUMMM.
    Thanks Maggie for another Monday Mosaic. Have a good week

    much love...

  9. I love plums, Maggie, and we also make plum jam in Summer as plum trees grow in profusion in the Parklands near our home. It seem we are the only ones that pluck these fruit. I can't understand people who buy fruits and vegetables at the supermarket when they can grow their own or easily get locally grown ones... Preserved fruits are a favourite dessert treat in Winter.

  10. Hi Maggie, the first link is wrong. Sorry. Please delete.

  11. plum jam - yum! I don't often get enough plums for jam, but I do make grape jam from our own grapes every summer. Have a fabulous week.

  12. Hi Maggie, this is the dessert we enjoy having when guests come around. Very rich and decadent!

  13. Oh my! You have been busy! Good question about the dessert. I think probably cookies or brownies. And those still are right up there. But then later in life I discovered chocolate mousse and anything lemon, too!

  14. Oh my! I envy you your plums. How wonderful and I bet they taste great! :) Kit

  15. Love all kinds of fruit and plums are so yummy! My mother didn't cook but I taught myself and made lots of dishes from 'scratch', especially when I was raising 4 boys. My fav would be blackberry cobbler! My boys would pick them and I had an easy recipe for the cobbler. I can still imagine the flavor! Enjoy your day! Happy MM!

  16. Oh my, these are delicious looking plum treats! I especially like the plum dessert with custard. I think custard makes almost anything taste better. What a generous gift from your neighbour.
    Have a great week, Maggie.

  17. That is what I call a very happy harvest! Anything with custard is what I hanker after, as you can imagine a tough ask in Bangkok, so I'm coming over to yours :)
    Wren x


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