Saturday, 27 October 2018

Mosaic Monday # 107 - at this time of year

As October draws to a close and with November just around the corner I'm sharing a couple of my favourite things which happen in our little corner of Normandy at this time of year.

Trick or Treat - our neighbours children, taxied around by their patient parents, haunt the village as twilight falls. It's become a tradition to make their visit to le Presbytere the first stop of the evening but they only approach if we leave an outside light burning otherwise they leave us alone. 
We always leave a light burning!
Joyce, Kathryn & me
Alex (10) & Nick (7)
all dressed up for some Halloween fun.
Halloween 2007 we were celebrating my Father's 80th birthday when they came to visit so we donned costumes to greet them. As they left to go a' haunting one of the local kids took our nephew Nicholas then aged 7 by the hand, to his relief we rescued him before they managed to whisk him away.
The nearby town of Trévières holds it's annual Fete des Pommes on the last Sunday in October it's an event we always look forward to especially this year as there is going to be a performance by a group of Breton dancers and I adore traditional Breton music, the pipes and drums have my feet tapping in no time at all.

They also have pumpkins……………..
Those of us who live in Europe had to remember to put our clocks back one hour this morning, as summer time officially came to an end, I know in the US Daylight Saving doesn't happen until next week, hope everyone remembers!
This is my last post as host of Mosaic Monday. 
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as host, each and every one of the 107 posts has brought me good times, friendship and joy and I thank you all for your support.
Next week MM's new home will be @ Letting Go of the Bay Leaf hosted by Angie, see you there! 
Just wanted to mention that there is an error in the inlinkz message, the link will open at 11.00 am as usual not 1.00 am.


  1. Lovely newsy post. So sorry to hear you will no longer be hosting but hope to continue seeing your posts anyway.

  2. I have enjoyed having an extra hour, love it when we gain but feel hard done by when we lose an hour. Great pumpkin photo's. We have been preparing for Halloween on Wednesday. Costumes and face paints purchased and of course sweets. Happy Halloween xx

  3. The mantel display is absolutely gorgeous Maggie - and those pumpkins so great.
    I recall being in France twice for the annual Fete des Pommes - I so enjoyed those celebrations, both in beautiful villages near to where my brother lives. I miss coming over so much but doubt we'll visit again. However, the memories are always with me at this time of year when the vineyards are colorful and the apples ready for picking.

    Yes, for us, the clocks go back next weekend - where has this year gone? October especially has been very busy here, especially with the big birthday this past week - I'm worn out!!!

    Happy week ahead - enjoy your Autumn days.
    Mary x

  4. It looks like holiday season both there and here are very much the same. Our daughters used to enjoy it as much as we did as children. Our homes are so far apart that it has been years since anyone has stopped to gather treats from us. Have a beautiful ending to October and I shall see you in November...oh my, I am feeling it should only be June ;)

  5. Indeed I love such celebrations too... in each time of the year. Your pumpkins are extraordinaire! Thera are funny costumes for Halloween. Wish you a very nice time.

    Happy MosaicMonday!

    Heidrun xxx

  6. Maggie, the photo of you and family is adorable! We have fewer and fewer kids come to trick or treat as most in the neighborhood go to one long street that hosts parties. In recent years we just leave our lights off. Sadie is calmer that way because the door bell gets her barking with excitement. Will see about this year. Since it's on a school night, likely few would show up anyway. I may just take a bag of treats to the littles that live close by, so they aren't disappointed.

  7. Maggie - it is fascinating to see the different types of pumpkins in France. Here in the US they are pretty uniform in terms of color - but you can select many different sizes and shapes. Later this afternoon we will go and deliver candy to the few kids in our neighborhood - this is our first Halloween in the new house and we have learned that most of the kids are taken down into the closest town so they have more houses to visit. Also, we won't be here on Halloween - we're going to a large Halloween party in Whitefish … I expect you might see some pix on a future post. Thanks for your time hosting MM, and I appreciate all the advice to prepare me for next week!

  8. Always love your posts and your sharing of your lives in Normandy. Thanks Maggie for hosting Mosaic Monday. Passing the torch.

  9. Do you make soup with those gorgeous pumpkins? The Fete des Pommes sounds like a fun event with the Breton music and dancing.
    Happy Halloween to you - I'll be passing out treats at our door that night. We are getting more and more little ones in the neighbourhood and it's fun to see them come all dressed up.
    Thank you, Maggie, for hosting MM. I hope you continue to post on your blog.

  10. Gorgeous shots and happy trick or treaters.
    Happy Halloween

  11. I forgot to say thank you for hosting all this time

  12. Happy Halloween, Maggie! I will also be handing out candy at my house. Enjoy all the upcoming festivities. Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday so well these years!

  13. Autumn sounds a treat around your neck of the woods, Maggie. It is a wonderful season, especially with so many great things to do and see. Happy Halloween!

  14. Apples freshly picked from the tree are delightful, so the Apple Festival must be a wonderful occasion!

  15. Thank you SO very much Maggie! You've done an outstanding job and we all appreciate the time and effort you've put into Mosaic Monday to make it special! See you next week over at Angie's! And Happy Halloween! Hugs, Diane

  16. Dear Maggie – Happy Halloween to you! I like the way how you enjoy or celebrate your tradition and your mosaic, especially the pumpkin one. I also like Breton music, the sound of bagpipes, accompanied by the dances. Thanks for hosting Mosaic Monday. I could meet wonderful blog friends here. Look forward to seeing you again at Angie’s.


  17. PS: Thanks for hosting, Maggie!

  18. Maggie, Thanks so much for your time as hostess of Mosaic Monday. Have a great week. I will continue to follow your posts. Sylvia D.


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