Sunday, 21 October 2018

Mosaic Monday # 106 - whale watching in Tenerife

Whilst holidaying in Tenerife recently we spent a wonderful morning out at sea with Blue Jack Sail on the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey yacht.
As part of an ad hoc flotilla of boats, all carrying passengers with just one thought in common "will we see whales and dolphins" we tacked from side to side trying to spot some of those wonderful elusive animals.

Suddenly there they were, a pod of about eleven short-finned pilot whales, swimming alongside us. They swim up to the surface usually in the mornings to rest in the warm shallower water after spending the night time feeding down in the depths.
It is thought that there are around 1000 short-finned pilot whales frequenting the water off the South coast of Tenerife.
Their dorsal fins are unique, like human fingerprints, no two will ever be the same. They stayed nearby for quite a while before swimming off for more close encounters with the other yachts and catamarans out that morning.
As we sailed further along the coast our Captain suddenly spotted a large shape far in the distance and tried to get us up close. However another boat crossed in front of us and ruined our chances of photographing a migrating 25 metre long fin whale, a truly rare sight in these waters according to our Captain.
I took this photograph below of an illustration of a fin whale featured in a Blue Jack brochure which I found below deck.
The fin whale is the one at the bottom of the page, above on the left is a pilot whale.
After an adventurous morning we slowly motored back into port passing in front of our hotel on the way. The mountains behind are quite hazy but the two sides of the hotel can be easily seen. Family suites on the right and adults only on the left.

Todays post is the penultimate post from me as host of Mosaic Monday. Angie @ Letting Go of the Bay Leaf will begin hosting November 5th and I hope you will join me in saying a great big thank you to her for volunteering to carry our MM meme on "into infinity and beyond!"


  1. What a great experience you have had Maggie! Fantastic photos & blue sea & sky - wonderful.

  2. So wonderful to see whales and dolphins. We have dolphins come to play in the bay in our town. We can see them sometimes when we are out in our runabout boat. Beautiful. Have a lovely week.

  3. Maggie - seeing dolphins and whales in the wild is on my bucket list, so I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thank you. Enjoy your week ahead!

  4. Unumwunden: Ich beneide Dich, liebe Maggie um dieses wunderbare Erlebnis! Und ich wünsche Dir von Herzen noch viele weitere schöne Begegnungen dieser Art. Danke fürs Zeigen.

    Hab noch viele tolle Urlaubstage! Liebe Grüßle von Heidrun

  5. Hi Maggie - what a wonderful treat to see so many whales and dolphins while out on the water ! I love the sharing of your holidays. I moved your link over to my Friends and Family list on my blog, that way I will never miss a post. I have appreciated the time and effort you have put in hosting Mosaic Monday. Hugs.

  6. This looks like an amazing treat! Here is so cold now, that I am warming up just looking at your photos. Beautiful!

  7. How interesting to see the Atlantic whales that are so different from our Pacific ones. They are amazing creatures and a delight to observe in the wild. I'm sure the memory of your excursion will stay with you for a long time.
    I'm saddened by your departure from MM, but fully understand the commitment that it is. Many thanks, Maggie, for your wonderful dedication to hosting MM. I'm so glad that Angie is taking up where you leave off.

  8. Looks like your vacation is a real adventure. I've been whale watching twice and loved every minute ... once for the humpback whale and the other for the killer whale. Thank you for hosting MM and for finding someone willing to take it on. It's always so nice to see familiar faces!

  9. YOur whale watching adventure looks so thrilling. I've only seen a whale pass by int he water once. I've seen dolphins and seals but the giant whales are the most exciting to see.

    Thank you for hosting MM, Maggie, and doing such a wonderful --it is always a joy to visit your blog!

  10. Thanks for sharing your adventure with beautiful photos. Have a nice week

    much love...

  11. Whale watching sounds like fun. Even though I've always lived on the water I've never been. We had two whales come ashore to die this summer here in Massachusetts, USA. One just across the bay from where I live and one on the cape. Very sad.

  12. What a delightful treat that was, Maggie! Great photos as usual!

  13. That was successful Whale watching in my book! Two different types and good sightings (however rude of that other boat to cut you off from a photo op). Still it is seeing them that counts. Lovely that Angie volunteered to take over; this meme is definitely a favorite of a lot of good bloggers. Thanks for your part -- I'll see you again next week!! (And on into infinity I hope even if you are not hosting after that.0

  14. What beautiful photos! I think I have that same striped top! Wish I had been on that same trip! heehee! And I'm SO happy to hear Angie is taking MM! That's GREAT! Enjoy your week sweet friend and thanks for all the fun!

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