Saturday, 26 June 2010

Graffiti? I don't think so??

Mr B and I were puzzled recently when unusual orange lettering appeared overnight, seemingly sprayed by a phantom graffitist, on to the tarmac surface of the lane leading to our home.
We had not observed any strangers in the vicinity nor alien beings what could it mean?

Further investigation uncovered more of the same lettering, in several other places, on the lanes around the village.
It's a mystery!

Watch this space for further developments.


  1. Maggie, with the frequent work of city crews around here this is a common sight. All the cable companies get in the act too. :-)

  2. Yes, I think city crews...
    Having a giveaway till midnight tonite if any of your readers want to come over and enter to win a signed copy of CITY QUILTS! :)

  3. Probably means they are going to be jackhammering the streets and laying some kind of pipes.

  4. I'm pretty sure that this means you'll be in for a summer of dust and noise!

  5. I see this type of making frequently when the city is about to do work on pipes or gas lines below the street. The survey crew marks off the locations of the pipes and then the road crew opens the street at those points to expose them to the utilities.

  6. Here, we see this sort of thing usually has something to do with a gas line or underground power or cable. It takes several rains to finally wash it away.....

  7. Looks to me like some utility company is getting ready to dig. Prepare yourself for some noise, or make plans to go on vacation! :-)


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