Thursday, 9 September 2010

Barnyard Bash.

I'm in a bucolic mood today and it's all because there's a Barnyard Bash going on over @ 'Happier Than A Pig in Mud'. Why not pop over and see who's gathering in the farmyard today?
When you were a child did you own a piggy bank?
The only way to empty the delightful little piggies above is by smashing them open, luckily so far they have escaped that fate.
What about this quacking duck vase?He's quite fierce!
I did think about posting some photographs of real live cows but decided if you wanted to see some of those you could just click here, or here, or here!
Instead I decided to share some of my favourite faience animals.
The large Quimper platter below is a wonderful example of the intricate Breton Broderie decor.
The central scene painted in muted sepia tones depicts a group of Breton farmers and their families with their animals.
As well as the large dray horse pulling the cart there are two cows, a calf, a pig and a lamb, all wending their way to market.

Here a fun pair of polka dotted horse candle sticks go head to head. 
and finally....................... no barnyard would be complete without roosters!!
Many thanks also to Claudia @ Dipity Road for hosting Friday Finding Beauty and Laurie for hosting A Few Of My Favourite Things Saturday, click on the links to see who is else participating this week.


  1. It's just all so beautiful! I love the large platter - such a lot to see in it. I'm enjoying the posts from this new theme.

  2. Maggie, Everything is s pretty. I never heard of Quimper until I started blogging, it's so great! I love the little boy with the pig on a leash on the platter! Thank you so much for joining the Barnyard Bash:@)

  3. Maggie,
    How beautiful! I love the new look of your blog. I almost have the new computer set up. What a chore. Now I can start visiting again.


  4. All very beautiful pieces. I especially love the platter!

  5. I love your "Barnyard" pottery, it is so beautiful...lots of eye candy here!!!

  6. Golly gee, I'm surrounded by wild-eyed cattle, I sure hope their not plottin' against me!

    Your barnyard is much prettier than mine and I bet it smells better too!

    Ya have some beautiful critters there girl. Yep, I had some of those 'piggy bank' without the belly button. I would spend forever shakin' the thing upside down with a butter knife in the slit so I wouldn't have to smash piggie.

    God bless ya'll and have a blast stompin' around the barn yard!!!

  7. A wonderfull barnyard in ceramics. So pretty.

  8. Those polka dot horses get me whinnying!
    Fun addition to the party.

  9. Maggie, I really love your quimper piggies!! I collected them as a child. (pigs that is, not quimper) I need to go see what's going on over at this barnyard bash...

  10. Maggie, that platter is totally awesome. I love the rich colors, that gorgeous border, and the wonderful scene. It's the perfect Barnyard piece! What fun it is to see the faience frolicking in the Barnyard Bash. Great party!
    ~ Sarah

  11. I feel like I'm down on the farm :-)
    Such beautiful pieces.

  12. These pieces all together form a wonderful pottery farmyard. Nicely done, Maggie.

  13. Oh Maggie, you know I love this post! What wonderful faience you posted! Oh, how I love those rooster plates, but that gorgeous platter real stole my heart! Wonderful post, and I'm so glad you linked it to Favorite Things Sat. (By the way, I also love your blog header - such beauties all shown together). laurie

  14. I had never heard of Quimper either until I saw your blog. Such a different look to the country decor. You have quite a collection.

  15. Hi Maggie... certainly do have a lovely display of animals at your place! The little piggy banks are sooo sweet! Yes...I would hate the thought of one of those pretties being broken...just to get a few pennies out! Eeeks! Ohhh...and I loved getting to see your array of rooster plates! They're gorgeous, my friend! I'm so glad that you joined in with Barnyard Bash...I enjoyed partying with you! Hehe!

    How are you doing, my friend? It has been awhile since we've visited! I do hope that my note finds you and your honey doing well! I was just thinking...I bet that the Normandy countryside is looking beautiful...starting to don it's autumn apparel! Can't wait to see the photos!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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