Monday, 6 September 2010

Who doesn't love a good magazine?

I love reading magazines, and over the years have subscribed to plenty of them!
To give me inspiration around the home I always enjoy Good Housekeeping and Woman & Home.
For great recipes for special occasions and every day, including a monthly Master Class from top British chefs, BBC Good Food cannot be beat.

In 2008 I discovered scrapbooking and when I have a spare moment or two (blogging does get in the way of a lot of things, don't you find?) very much enjoy browsing through the current edition of Espirit Scrapbooking, a French magazine just bursting with creativity and projects.

BBC Homes and Antiques has been a favourite for over 20 years, in fact I still have most of the back issues, having lugged them to France when we moved here from Bavaria in 1996.
I keep them in "posh" faux leather binders on a bookshelf in the library, it's the kind of magazine that you can read and reread, there's always something new to learn about antiques!

Earlier this year I discovered Campagne Decoration and immediately took out a bi monthly abonnement.
You may remember when I shared some of the beautiful pages with you in previous posts. The homes featured in Campagne Decoration are all stunning and crammed with the sort of objects that I would love to have scattered around this old campagne maison. Click here to see wonderful out door summer ideas.
So why, you might wonder, am I blogging about magazines today?
Or perhaps you've already seen the large button on my sidebar announcing the October edition of Floss's "No Frills Magazine Swap" and have guessed that I've signed up to take part.
I love the idea of receiving a "new to me" magazine, that I may well never even have heard of before, from a fellow blogger, and sending one of mine off across the globe to gladden the heart of a new friend.
If you like the sound of the No Frills Swap then click on over to Floss's blog "Troc Broc and Recup" to find out how.
Closing date is Friday 10th September, and who knows you might just be receiving a magazine from me very soon.


  1. I love magazines too! I took part in the last swap and received a lovely pair of magazines, but my two never made it across the ocean. I felt very bad, as it is so expensive to mail from here. I traced, and was assured delivery - but perhaps I'll try again!

  2. It sounds like a great swap! I had a friend who sent me a the English version of Country Living and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Have fun with the swap!


  3. Sounds like great fun! I thoroughly enjoy reading and rereading many magazines. To see "new to me" ones if always fun exploring the ins and outs of.


  4. I have stacks of magazines to go through. STACKS. Just never get around to it.
    They have always something I treat myself with but the cost of them is going through the roof.
    A genealogy specific magazine is about 9.00 Canadian and we are not far behind the US dollar right now.

  5. I love the new header photo. Very pretty!
    I'm a sucker for magazines. Can't get enough of them and they keep piling up!
    Have a great week.

  6. I would so much like to do this, Maggie, but I have cut way back on my subscriptions...only have a couple I get regularly. Perhaps someone would be interested, so I'll go and sign up and we'll see what happens.

  7. What a pretty autumn look on your blog. I participated in the last magazine swap and signed up for this one as well.
    Magazines are a great way to relax.

  8. I have signed up for that swap too as I am a magazine nut. I can't wait to find out about where my Aussie mag will be going!

    I just found your other blog too Maggie ! I am your newest follower.

    Best wishes and happy Thursday!

  9. PS Your new header image is lovely!


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