Sunday 18 June 2017

Mosaic Monday # 45 - A very British affair.

Whenever the Senior Partner and I go on vacation we leave M'selle Fleur in the very capable hands of a lovely couple of ex pat Brits, Mr & Mrs Price.
They used to operate a pet sitting enterprise "Priceless Pets" but since retiring just look after one or two, luckily Fleur is one of them.
Whenever their car pulls up in front of the house it's as if we no longer exist as Fleur has eyes only for them.
Should I be upset that she abandons us so easily? Not a bit because we know that she will be well taken care of in our home whilst we're away.
Last weekend we went to an open garden event, a fund raiser for the Volunteers of Passerelles a refuge for cats and dogs, which June (Mrs Price) is involved with.
The event hosts were another British couple who have, like us, chosen to make France their forever home.
As we walked up to the house it was like walking back in time to an England that we left over 30 years ago.
Admission by donation.
Flower and vegetable plants,
homemade jams and dress jewellery for sale.
Refreshments and cakes.
Red Lion Morris,
performing at 15.00 and 16.00.

The owners garden was lovely, with hidden corners, many plant species and a small orchard.

By the time we arrived June's plants had practically sold out (at those prices I'm not surprised.
The refreshment table was down to the last few slices of quiche, the cupcakes were almost all gone but there were still some little sponge cakes and cups of tea to be purchased.

The Morris dancers put on a wonderful show and everywhere you looked there were people getting to know each other and admiring their four legged companions.

M'selle Fleur was so well behaved and sat quietly observing the scene. A couple went by with a black and white spaniel which they had adopted from the refuge and immediately Fleur was keen to meet him.
Did she think it was Ben my lovely cocker spaniel who shared our lives so wonderfully for 12 years? I'm not sure but the resemblance was uncanny. Such a shame I didn't manage to get a photograph!

The SP, June (facing away from the camera) and another of her clients
in earnest discussion about a robot lawn mower!

It was a lovely afternoon chatting with fellow Brits, browsing the various stalls, winning a prize at the tombola stand and smiling at the antics of the Morris men.
On the way out the SP stopped to admire a classic car which was parked at the side of a footpath.

A man, a dog and a classic car so very British!


  1. It Looks like one and all--people and pets---had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I know how it is to leave a pet behind, Maggie. Now that Milo and Layla are in their senior years we never use a kennel. We are so happy to have Kate who is a longtime best friend of daughter Emily, single and happy to be house/dog sitting at our home, across the street from her old home!

    Love the fun event--all of your pictures capture the fun! For this~I love summer!

  3. Dearest Maggie, I'm sure you had such a wonderful time amongst stunning flowers ... and that old car, what a dream !

    Thanking you for hosting,
    I'm wishing you a most lovely remainder of your week
    sending blessings to you

    XOXO Dany

  4. This looked like such an entertaining fundraising event, Maggie, and it is nice that M'selle Fleur was able to go along with you. I'd love to see the Morris dancers perform, and those flowers looked so beautiful!

  5. That really does look so typically British. How lovely being able to reminisce about England yet not have to travel, xx

  6. Hello.Maggie.
    Looks like you had such a wonderful time with those beautiful flowers. Your roses are lovely. I like to see that British style-classic car. Our family dog would stay at a retired vet when we took a trip long time ago. I know how your Fluer behave well! This is my second time to join you. Thank you for hosting, Maggie.
    Wonderful day to you.(#^.^#)!

  7. So important to have a trusted dog sitter....
    Love the classic car!
    Thank you for hosting Maggie.

    Wishing you a happy week!

  8. It's fun to enjoy a bit of one's homeland culture in another country. The photo of the SP, the car, and the dog does look very British to me. A fun event!

  9. Maggie, so glad you have someone dependable, loving, and willing to stay with Fleur when you two are away traveling. We've yet to find that for our Sadie.
    The garden event is just the kind of thing I adore. Thanks for sharing the details and for hosting each week. Enjoy the new week!

  10. A great post, Maggie. I am sure you enjoyed yourselves even more, knowing Fleur was well looked after by compatible and agreeable people.
    Thank you for hosting.

  11. Sounds like a thrilling time travel. I love those rose bushes! I can imagine their sweet scent.
    Thanks for hosting, as always!

  12. What a wonderful day! Looks like you had lovely weather for an outdoors affair too. Love that antique car...looks like something from Downton Abbey! Happy MM! Hugs!

  13. Lovely visit you shared today Maggie, drew me right in. Thank you for your 45th Mosaic Monday. Always appreciated.

  14. Every photo makes my heart sing! What wonderful photos and what a great idea and cause. And fortunately, Fleur was just fine!

  15. Sounds like a pleasant outing!

  16. It looks like you had a wonderful day. How nice to have a bit of your old "home" in your new home! Have a fabulous week.

  17. What a lovely fund raising happening! The man, his dog & his car - a lovely British aristocratic feeling to it :)

  18. Aw! Your dear dog is very handsome.
    Lovely flowery photos today, Maggie!

  19. My gosh I really enjoyed this visit to "England" in France. It all could have been scenes from the rather silly but visually stunning English village mystery series we are hooked on. Thank you so much for hosting .

  20. Thank you so much for taking us along on this special day.


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