Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mosaic Monday # 76 - come dine with me

During the recent cold spell brought about by the Siberian blizzard "Beast from the East" I spent a lot of time feeding the wild birds who co-habit with us at the Presbytere.
I doubled up the fat balls which I hang daily from the branches of the ornamental quince bush at the front of the house and also put out huge amounts of Nature Mix (wheat; red sorghum; sunflower; millet and oatmeal) plus extra black sunflower seeds.
These images represent my first attempt at bird photography, something I never honestly thought I would have the patience to try.
Most were taken with my Panasonic DMC-ZS3 pressed up against the glass of various windows and others with my iPhone whilst leaning against the car for support!
Afterwards I played around with them in PicMonkey using a variety of effects and creating the bird mosaic.
a hungry blue tit 
(the most common of all the visitors to my garden)
enjoying a snack

In the back ground a wood warbler
and in front a male chaffinch?
I think this is a collared dove, a recent newcomer to the garden
a starling came visiting last week too

I'm an absolute beginner at identifying birds relying on Mr Google and a vintage edition of Collins Gem Guide - Birds" but it isn't easy.

is this a wren?
If I've mistakenly identified any of the above please do let me know, I appreciate any and all advice given.
Update: Valerie has commented and helped to identify two of the birds. What I thought was a wood warbler is in fact a female greenfinch and the wren is a dunnock! So helpful, thank you.

Next week's Mosaic Monday will be coming to you from the very Heart of England, as the Senior Partner and I enjoy a short break in the County of Worcestershire. I'm thinking visits to National Trust properties; Stately Homes; Cathedrals and Markets and as many Afternoon Teas as we can possibly fit in.
Want to come along? Watch this space........................


  1. Wow - for a first try at bird photography you did fabulously! Wonderful birds, some I've never ever seen before - and such great color and mosaics. Such a fun post - looking forward to next week too.

  2. So many beautiful birds came to your feeder, Maggie! I can't put out bird feeders where I live, as it attracts other wild animals besides birds that we don't want in our yard.
    I hope some nice spring weather is now in your area Have a wonderful week!

  3. Hello Maggie, lovely pictures, I especially love the blue tits, we don't seem to have as many here in Brittany as in years gone by. I don't think that last one is a wren, they have sticking up tails and are tiny birds with a wonderful song but it could be a dunnock. I think the bird with the yellow in it's tail is a greenfinch, you can tell it's a finch by the size of it's beak. Have fun feeding and watching and have a good week!

    1. Hi Valerie, thanks so much for helping to identify my garden birds, I think you're spot on with your info. Have googled them all and agree, now I know what a female greenfinch and a dunnock look like.

  4. You have such charming visitors. I know nothing about birds. I can identify a robin, cardinal and blue jay but that is the extent of my knowledge. I just know when they frequent my house spring is truly here!Have a grand time in England! Look forward to your post!

  5. You obviously have the best bird cafe in Normandy,
    ...the word is out! I enjoy seeing all your birds, especially the ones we don’t have on this side of the pond. And oh yes, I definitely do want to come along on your trip next week! Can’t wait!

  6. You did well in photographing the birds, Maggie. It's always a good idea to feed the poor birds in Winter when food is scarce for them.
    Thanks for hosting.

  7. Hi Maggie, This is my first time linking up! Your bird photos are so colorful and wonderful. I look forward to your next week's post too. Have a good day. Mildred in Georgia, USA

  8. You've had some beautiful birds show up to be photographed. I get SO much help with ID from my readers too. It's fun to learn the proper if I could only remember them all! Happy MM! Hugs!

  9. Wow, you have several kinds of lovely garden guests! Good job for a beginner in birding. I agree it's pleasurable to search for the birds' names. I'm sure you'll be better and better in the process.

  10. Luv your beautiful birds, i can hear their twittering. Happy Mosaic Monday

    much love...

  11. Maggie, You did well for your first time with birds. It helps to have a window to observe them from inside. In my experience they can be very skittish but food is a great motivator. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more bird photos! Sylvia D.

  12. I think I need a bird bag. The squirrel mainlines everything in the box feeder. Poor birds get the leftovers!

  13. fabulous bird shots. Well done you! My husband is the one around here that takes photos of birds, and I wish he would invest in a better camera. But he has fun with what he does. Happy travels to England and have a fabulous week.

  14. Maggie - I am hopeless with photographing birds, so well done to you! I am especially jealous that you get blue tits - we don't see them here!

    I love National Trust properties and afternoon teas, so I am salivating (literally) for your next post! Thanks for hosting!

  15. Thank you Maggie for your 76th Mosaic Monday. Looking forward to seeing what you see when you go to England next week. I am so happy you were able to catch several different bird species having their winter meal that you provided. Have a good trip.

  16. Your first attempts at bird photography are wonderful, Maggie. Such a great variety came to your feeders. I find it hard to identify birds, too, and am always consulting Google or my bird guide. Then, when I think I've got one identified, I sometimes can't remember what it is the next time I see it! Have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to hearing about the places you've visited.

  17. Looks like the birds are having a good week! Have a great week!

  18. I am so happy to see all of your fine feathered friends eating the seed that you have lovingly placed out for them. They are so sweet and they really do need what we can offer them. So much of what is available in the wild, can get contaminated by all sorts of things. I do think that your trip to the B&B had to have been just so pleasant and the sponge cake looks like it might be lemon. Whatever they were I bet they were delicious. I hope you enjoyed your week Maggie. Mine has been crazy and I am just settling in for a rainy weekend, maybe with a mix of more snow. Hugs~

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