Sunday, 1 April 2018

Happy Easter from Normandy

We went to the beach this morning with M'selle Fleur after a two week break, as it's Easter weekend there were many others out enjoying the lovely day.
This weekend marks the start of the tourist season here in Normandy when holiday makers take over from locals, who enjoy walking their dogs on the beach, so we might not be going back for a while.
Which is why I was absolutely delighted to see that the town council of Colleville sur Mer have installed this large collection box by the footpath leading down to the beach.
This Tide Tray is available to collect Waste from the Beach
It is part of an initiative to get visitors helping to keep the beaches clean by picking up garbage from the shore line and dumping it in the box!
So hopefully, whilst I'm gone from the beach during the summer, other willing hands will be looking after Omaha Beach instead.
what goes in the box and what doesn't                                                           the collection so far 


  1. That box is a great idea. I pick up beach waste whenever I visit the beach. Happy Easter.

  2. Hope that helps keep the beach clear of debris. A great initiative!

  3. Looks like a pretty day. The collection box is a terrific idea. Our Easter was spent with friends, but we got in a morning walk and late afternoon walk to enjoy this gorgeous weather.

  4. What a great idea from the town. I hope many people use it. Happy Easter, Maggie! It's good to be back at MM.

  5. Happy Easter Week! The box is a good idea, I’d like to think most people will take advantage of it and also that it is a subtle reminder for them not to litter in the first place. I am sorry you and Mmle Fleur are losing your walking beach to the tourists though. I read a blog by a lady in Massachusetts and her beach is actually closed to dogs during tourist season, but open to them the rest of the time (when it’s cold). Doesn’t really seem fair.

  6. The tide tray is a brilliant idea. My friend in Paris was asking what town my Normandy friend lived in and I couldn't remember -- but now I know!

    Belated Easter greetings -- my day was tech free!

  7. How encouraging! Maybe they got their inspiration from you and your bags of trash ... How interesting (and sad) that you might not go to the beach as much due to tourists. We have a similar summer season here ... the locals have their secret places to go (and hide).

  8. Well done to your Council. I believe looking after our seas and our oceans will be such an important thing for us going forward. I am quite horrified in parts of Asia to see what rubbish is washed up on the beaches. I would sure like to have joined the rubbish collection team by walking on that beautiful beach with the Crazy Poodle!
    Wren x


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