Sunday, 29 July 2018

Mosaic Monday # 94 - snap your summer!

Every summer I always enjoy the boost that the Summer Snap Challenge hosted by Sue & Alison @ UK Scrappers gives to my photography and scrap booking mojo.

in a jar; drain cover; steeple.
Here's the 2018 summer challenge list if you feel inclined to join in

1 your new avatar
2 a drain cover
3 spire or steeple
4 windmill
5 soft top
6 a crescent
7 whiskers
8 in a jar
9 tessellations
10 bags
11 naughty but nice
12 a rose
13 in the air
14 entrance
15 match
16 stamp
17 cornet
18 four candles
19 the letter 'O'

20 crooked

in the air; new avatar; red, white & blue

A red, white & blue
B numbers
C wedding

D summer

crooked; whiskers; rose(s)


  1. Well, that's a fun challenge! I may try to join in. Slow to get anything accomplished on the computer of late. Hope to have something new to share soon. Happy week, my friend!

  2. You already have several pictures to go with the challenge. Thank you Maggie for your 94th Mosaic Monday. Have fun with the rest of the Summer Snap Challenge.

  3. This is an interesting photos challenge, Maggie. I can see how it would make one observant. Thanks for hosting Mosaic Monday!

  4. Maybe next year I will join in the challenge - right now, still enjoying my time in the UK and we head to Norway tomorrow! Thanks for hosting MM, and enjoy your week ahead!

  5. A fun list Maggie, Happy MM and have a great week

    much love...

  6. Oh I like challenges like that! Looks like fun! I'm joining in with my latest and greatest pizza recipe! Come on over for a slice! Hugs!

  7. A great selection of mosaics, Maggie.
    My blood moon post documents the total lunar eclipse which we had a wonderful view of in Melbourne (it was COLD at 5:00 am though!) :-)

  8. Snap Your Summer sounds like a fun challenge. I wish it wasn't so hot here, I'd join. Too hot to get outside to take pics! You are well on your way in the challenge. Thanks for hosting and have a fun-filled week!

  9. Those look like fun memes, Maggie. And I like the new avatar :-)

  10. Happy snapping! The summer snapping challenge looks fun. It's good to have a challenge to get us out and about and taking pictures. Have a fabulous week and thank you again for the link up.

  11. Looks like you are well on your way to meet the challenge. Your roses are gorgeous, and I like your new avatar. The 'in the air' photo is great! Have a wonderful week, Maggie, and enjoy these lazy crazy summer days!

  12. That's quite a challenge -- congrats on completing it (and I''m sure you will!) Thank you for hosting MM -- which is enough of a personal challenge for me ;>)

  13. Looking at that drain cover I'd never have guessed what it was ... I imagine you're having fun with this meme. Wishing you a happy week!

  14. Nice images. Thanks for hosting.

  15. Hi Maggie! I hope you are enjoying summer. I always enjoy your posts.

  16. I must do one of these sometime. They look fun!

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